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  1. Mandrill Bouncer

    Should be a built in feature!
  2. IP.Pages Unique Fields

    Any news about it? Maybe in 4.1.9?
  3. Wiki-like-editing is useless at this moment

    Please, correct this moderation fault.
  4. Sharer Image in Topics

    A default sharer image is nice if the post does not have any special image attached to it. In Pages, post image field is used as sharer image if not empty. But in topics, if the topic starter attaches an image, this image is not used as sharer image. This feature was present in 3.4 and was removed in 4.0 series.
  5. The next 4.2 is expected with profile improvements. Apps like Happn and Tinder allow users to show Instagram and Facebook photos on profile. It would be nice if IPS 4.2 profile page could allow users to embed their personal photos from Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Facebook have oEmbed endpoint since last week

    Great news!
  7. Instagram Media Tag

    Does it work in IPS4?
  8. And the search should also has the filter SORT BY present in topics list, like last updated, most replies, most views and so on...
  9. Estimated release date for 4.2?

    One question about "member engagement": will member profile pages have photo upload available? For my community would be very nice to members to upload photos. Gallery app is not the way. It's only about personal photos on profile page.
  10. What happened to Members List?

  11. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    It's not the browser language, it's the OS language:    
  12. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    It shows the default country based on the user's cpu language.
  13. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    Synched profile images from facebook, google +, twitter and microsoft are cached?
  14. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    A built in rebuild tool for this function would be very apreciated.