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  1. Similar Content - please add more options

    Perfect! For me it would be great if I could order the content by number of replies or views, to show the most interesting similar content.
  2. Force upload of images used in posts as URLs

    Any news about this matter?
  3. Is there any chance to have another countries States on Address field on 4.1?
  4. Similar Content - please add more options

    Is there any chance to have a little bit of control about Similar Content on 4.1?
  5. is quick

    Is Pages also faster in 4.1?
  6. I have change innodb to index 2 characters and it's working fine till now... Great news about search only in titles and the display by topics, not by posts!
  7. Didn't know that. So if I want to alow searches for terms with only 2 characters I will have to set innodb_ft_min_token_size=2?
  8. Force upload of images used in posts as URLs

    Please, add auto upload of images also.
  9. How to tell when you've rated a topic etc.

    Good point. Users do not rate topics because the system is not intuitive. It could be changed to be more clear. The rate results should not be the same visual element as the rating system itself.
  10. Force upload of images used in posts as URLs

    Is it possible to do that in 4.0 or only in 4.1? But the best solution for my community would be auto upload.
  11. Is there a way to force or auto upload the images URLs referred in users posts? I am facing a very large number of old posts in my forums which have 404 errors related to images posted as URLs.
  12. IPS should combine javascript/CSS?

    Anyone from IPS could give us a feedback?
  13. IPS 3.4 has an option to deliver JS directly from google.IPS 4 does not have this option.Please, bring the canonical JS back for the most common JS files for our communities to take the advantage of the visitor's browser cache.
  14. IPS should combine javascript/CSS?

    Is there any reason for IPS 4 not combine all css files and all javascript files into one single file?Anyone using mod pagespeed for it?
  15. The only option to the similar content widget is the number of records.It would be very nice if we could customize it.For example, show content with "more replies", "less replies", "older", "newer", "minimum replies", "by author group", "popular", etc.