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  1. Category icons should be a default feature

    There is a forum that has this looks pretty well done. http://www.rawr-gaming.com/forums/
  2. I have seen sites running IP.Board and I must say that IP.Board is the best forum software I have seen ( I have used vb,xenforo,mybb,smf and other software in the past). Now I'm working on a pretty big project and have a site that I'm using as a reference and I believe they are using IP.Board How do I get a portal like this? http://solomid.net/ What plugins are they using for their guides/videos/blogs and their news slider? I pretty much want to get a portal similar to that and I need to know what do I need to do in order to achieve this? ( are they using IP.Content?) ** Being able to feature streams is important for me so the way solomid.net has their portal setup is my real goal ( Not everything though, like latest guides and etc) Are there themes that include new sliders and such like that i'm not 100% familiar with this. I heard that IP.Board will soon have a change in license so when you buy the IP.Board license you get not only just IP.Board but other stuff like IP.Gallery, nexus etc? ^ This mainly worries about me buying the license right now or waiting for later ( I really don't want to wait. ) Thank you. - Crim