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    Hi, we're using Nexus for a few things, selling online subscriptions, as well as online and physical courses. I have a host of requests that I think would really improve Nexus: 1. Email out "custom page" of package to purchaser. This would allow us to include specific instructions (course location, login instructions etc) with each individual package. 2. Have packages expire by date. If I am holding a course on 4/14/13 I'd like the package to automatically disappear from the store listing (not from the database back end, just public display) 3. Have a bulk discount feature that applies to all purchases of a particular package. Let's say someone buys 5 seats in a course. I want to discount all of their seats by 10% not just the fifth one. 4. Have a feature where I can ask "Who is attending" and have that box expand to as many people as necessary. I need this in the instance where a company is sending 15 of its people to a class, but one purchasing person is paying for it all. I need to have the names and emails of the attendees as well as the purchaser. Even a larger custom text box would be helpful. And most importantly: 5. An easy automated way to pull out all of the purchase information of a package into a CSV. For example, I'd like the name, company, email, status of payment, type of payment, amount of payment etc of everyone who has signed up for an individual class. I cannot tell you how much this would improve my life. At the moment this is a totally manual process, and is data I know lives in the database. You can see my site here: thanks JJ