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  1. MP3 Preview for a "Record Pool"

    Does anyone know if it's currently possible to "preview" an MP3 before downloading it from IP.Downloads? If not - is there any recommendation how to get this to work? Possibly embedding a preview snippet of the mp3 in the description of the download? Any IPB engineers or developers care to Private Message me for some extra cash if they can make it work? The goal is to use IP.Downloads as a Record Pool for DJs - examples can be found here: Has anyone ever seen IP.Downloads used as a record pool before?
  2. Wordpress/IPB merge

    Yes, we have actually purchased this plugin and have received no support thus far from the author - looks like NO ONE is able to reach the author and it's not working with the latest version of IPB.
  3. Wordpress/IPB merge

    How can i integrate my current wordpress user datebase (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum) is there any plugin for this ? I really need that,Thanks in advance. UPDATE - Found out we can use this plugin, thanks!
  4. Hey Community! I have done a lot of research on both IPB & VBulletin and have pretty much made up my mind already with VB, unless you can sway me otherwise. The reason I am posting this thread is due to the excessively difficult (and maybe even impossible) integration between my current Wordpress Users and VB's user database. Here is exactly what I'm looking for: [*]Integration with our current Wordpress user database (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum). We use the “Subscribe2, Capability Manager, and Theme My Login,” Wordpress Plugins. [*]Need to create different user profiles with different access levels to the Forum depending on the status of their “membership”. We will be charging users 3 different prices per month, each level of membership will grant them access to different sections of the forum. Is this possible with IPB? [*]Need to customize the overall design of the forum to match the design of the website. Thoughts?>