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  1. Wordpress/IPB merge

    Yes, we have actually purchased this plugin and have received no support thus far from the author - looks like NO ONE is able to reach the author and it's not working with the latest version of IPB.
  2. Wordpress/IPB merge

    How can i integrate my current wordpress user datebase (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum) is there any plugin for this ? I really need that,Thanks in advance. UPDATE - Found out we can use this plugin, thanks!
  3. Hey Community! I have done a lot of research on both IPB & VBulletin and have pretty much made up my mind already with VB, unless you can sway me otherwise. The reason I am posting this thread is due to the excessively difficult (and maybe even impossible) integration between my current Wordpress Users and VB's user database. Here is exactly what I'm looking for: [*]Integration with our current Wordpress user database (single sign on and login for both our blog and forum). We use the “Subscribe2, Capability Manager, and Theme My Login,” Wordpress Plugins. [*]Need to create different user profiles with different access levels to the Forum depending on the status of their “membership”. We will be charging users 3 different prices per month, each level of membership will grant them access to different sections of the forum. Is this possible with IPB? [*]Need to customize the overall design of the forum to match the design of the website. Thoughts?>