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  1. Renewal questions

    Thanks for the replies guys. One other question if you don't mind. From what I can see in the IP Suite demo, by default in IP.Content there doesn't seem to be support for a image that has been resized to be clicked on and pop-up with the full size using jquery or something like that. Does IP.Gallery allow for a gallery image to be added to an article in IP.Content and pop-up when clicked with that effect? I'm guessing that's a long shot, but I saw that it has something similar with how it handles slideshows. I'm just interested in being able to have images resize when clicked if that's possible whether it's with IP.Gallery, a IP.Board add-in, or any other script.
  2. Renewal questions

    Hey guys, interested in purchasing some of the IP.Board suite and I'm wondering regarding renewals: 1. If I have purchased IP.Board and multiple addons, is it possible to renew just one, and not pay the full figure I see when purchasing with multiple addons? 2. If yes to question 1, will renewing one get me access to support and the marketplace again? 3. The ability to view all forums here will expire when that membership expires, yes? Cheers!