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  1. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    Dear,     Can we use IPB member avatars on IPB side? Can we execute simple queries from WordPress that would return us IPB data but without loading the IPB engine on WordPress side (fast)? Will the IPB new registered member become present (immediate) in the WordPress users list? If we create admin user in WordPress can we make sure that user cannot access IPB only as not logged in. (no SSO of WordPress admins to IPB)? Can you tell if we add WordPress user will it be added to the system at that very moment? Can you tell if we add IPB member to the will it be added as WordPress member also at that very moment? (one more) Can we utilize IPB comments on our WordPress web site. Thanks =db
  2. Hi, Please let us know will the WordPress share the same users table with IP.Board if I use the WordPress and the IP.Board together? Thakns. --db
  3. Please can you breafly describe the following. If I use IP.Board together with my WordPress, will the IP.Board share the user table with WordPress? Thanks. --Dejan