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  1. I'm 100% in favor for this. I would prefer an IPS made app. Just because I think it can be polished and would like IPS support, but since it's not something in the works I'll probably jump for one of the custom apps. FACT: New members don't like navigating forums. I can understand that. It's a hassle, especially with multiple apps. Most people like to scroll brainlessly until something catches their eye - just like watching TV. That's the way it works. The way users find new information to interact with currently is far inferior to the vast majority of users. Most of my members have never seen, used, or understand the View New Content button. If it isn't intuitive within three seconds and one page load, your potential new members are probably going back into their facebook groups to discuss your topic. Not that I believe we should cater to everyone, but I think it's something that should be thought about in these times. Some communities have different needs, and a feed among other social-y things would broaden the IPS customer base quite a bit I imagine. edit: Just to be clear, I think users should be able to directly reply to threads on the feed, blog entries, and possibly create new topics from this feed. Expanding divs "See more" to accommodate long content, the option to set the feed as the default community / log-in page, and the whole enchilada. I'll pre-pay for mine. :D
  2. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features

    I'm hoping the @mention feature will work across all apps. 
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion

    I just received my invoice today. :(
  4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion

      Thanks m@t. That's my problem, finding the renew option. :D
  5. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion

      Sorry if this is a silly question, but how can I renew IP Board using the code. I do not have a pending invoice in my client area, and don't see where else to renew.    Thanks!
  6. First spam PM - next steps?

    I had the same user send me a PM!
  7. IP.Chat + Webcam

    I must say, if IP Chat had video integration it would pretty much be perfect!
  8. IP.Blog vs Wordpress?

    Just a heads up I was told by IPS staff that IP blog cannot be on a subdomain.
  9. (SP32) Unapproved Content Count

    I'd also like to know if this works with ip.content, and if it will work on newer versions.
  10. I have a question... I sure hope i didn't miss this point when reading over these latest points. I switched the original global mods group to regular mods without hard delete like mentioned. One glaring issue to me is, I don't believe I have an option to allow them to edit members profiles, maybe signatures, and status updates. Things get more confusing when explaining to them how to give warning or flagging for spam to users, because they cannot do it by clicking on the user profile. They must do it from the users actual post, + for flag as spammer, requiring mods to hover over their name for the flag option to be visible. That was a headache trying to explain to mods, as they would click the name instead of hover, end up in their profile view and see nothing, since this type of global moderation is outside of their abilities. :D Maybe I'm just missing these options to allow my mods to globally moderate (profiles and status updates) without turning them into a super moderator.
  11. Wanted to say thanks since I got this all working nicely... set it to automatically promote to full member after 3 posts. Whats the general conscious on this, is that enough? I was almost considering making it only 1 post but I know the past porn spam bot posted twice. Anyway, I have a question. I cannot remember how vb handles this situation, but I could have sworn it alerted the user that they must have 'X' posts until they could ...say, embed a picture. With the current system it doesn't give any alerts and I can imagine all new members posting "how do I post a picture???". What is the best way to deal with this?
  12. Thanks! That does the trick. There wouldn't happen to be an option that I'm missing that does something like... "Only allow bbcodes once users posts X posts" or even for group guests "disable all bbcodes" ? Trying to figure out the best way here of combating against porn picture/link spam. I guess I can go in and make a trial member group, create promotion, then edit up the bb codes.
  13. Where is this option to disallow links? I allow guests to post in only a certain section, and it would be nice to disable them from linking.
  14. Does IPB Integrate with Magento?

    I am curious about this as well. Hope there is an answer!
  15. Facebook Embed

    I am trying to embed a video from facebook into a post but am having no luck! Does anyone know how to get this done? Thanks!