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  1. (GS34) Server List

    can you please add support for arma3 engine as none of the listed work and i really need this as its the whole point in buying also the language keeps going to non english
  2. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    thanks guys
  3. IPS Marketplace Update

    i would like to see a forced update check url requirement on all applications and hooks as its hard to keep track of updated atm also woudl be nice that when a dev makes a text change to his application info page it dose not send a file updated email
  4. Forum Terms & Rules Before Register Screen

    excellent hook and perfect support
  5. ProMenu Plus

    Excellent support system always willing to help.
  6. Tracker

    cant wait for the next version of this
  7. Product ID

    An easy work around would be just to have custom fields on the product insert page then you have the choice to add ISBN Stock ID Stock location ect.... it would make the identerty on items much more user friendly as it would follow some of the standards of other ecommerce products out there. When contacting the customer service departement they gave a workaround but its not what i was looking for at all
  8. Product ID

    one major thing i feel Nexus is missing is the ablity to add a product ID to the products page to make it a little bit easyer to locate the sold product. This should not be too hard to add
  9. ProMenu Plus