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  1. license renewal

    Awesome, thank you. Too many holiday beers I think, its easy enough. All paid up, happy new year to you too :)
  2. license renewal

    Hi, HAve been away and missed the renewa of my license (was due December 17th). I went to the client section to renew ($85) - but got a message saying that this invoice now refers to products that have had their renewal costs changed. So I then clicked "cancel and reissue new invoice". Now I cant find any way of renewing my licenses for various ip products I have. Any help much appreciated on what I should do to renew all licenses....
  3. Private message enhancements suggestion

    How do you do that? Cant see the setting/option? I found it. Shame you cant archive multiple conversations/messages in one go.
  4. Private message enhancements suggestion

    Yes good point. What about an alternative method that phpbb uses - which is to allow a message to be sent to a member, but if that member has a full inbox, they cannot read the message until they clear out enough room to receive the new message. ip phpbb it works a little like this: User A send a message to User B. (user B has a full message box) User B receives a notification that they have a new message - when they go to their inbox, they are advised the message is on hold until they clear out some old messages User B clears out some old stuff, and then can "release" the message on hold. The message then arrives in User B's inbox, and at the same time moves from User A's outbox, to sent items. This allows a message to be sent, allows User A to see when it has been read (it is still in the outbox until read by User B and then it will show in User A's sent box). It also means the person receiving the message is made aware that they have a full inbox, but does not require the sender to keep trying to send a message hoping that the other user has now made some space.
  5. After moving from phpbb3 to IPB I was hoping that message management would work pretty much the same. However I see no ability to have messages to outo delete the oldest when a new one arrives if your inbox is full. Or the option for members to backup or export their messages. We have a few traders on the forum that use PM quite a bit and would benefit from being able to export their conversations by xml or csv etc like phpbb3 offers. Could I suggest this functionality be added to the message system within IPB. :)
  6. Multiple Advertisements simultaneously?

    Ive come up with a solution for this. Not the most elegant, but it works in case people want to do the same thing. I used Content to create a custom block. Called this "FooterAds" Within this custom block I did the following: <div class='ipsAd'> <table> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD1"}</td> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD2"}</td> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD3"}</td> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD4"}</td> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD5"}</td> <td>{parse advertisement="ADD6"}</td> </table> </div> When setting up the advertisements in Nexus, I simply configured each advert to display in ADD1,ADD2,ADD3,ADD4,ADD5,ADD6 Then I added {parse "ForumAds"} at the appropriate location in the global template. This then puts six advertisements side by side (I only have small advertisement links/images). Of course if you have all your advertisements set to display in all the areas, then there is the chance that you may see some duplicates. To avoid this, split your adverts into the same number of groups as you have Add spots. ie. if you have 24 adverts and 4 add spots configured in that table above, then set six adverts to show in Add1, the next six in Add2, ect etc... Hope this helps somebody :)
  7. Multiple Advertisements simultaneously?

    Ive added a picture of how this currently operates on another forum, as can be seen there are a number of adverts/banners (in this case they scroll across the bottom in order to display all 30). What I would like to do is have a static bar of say 6 adverts displayed side by side, that are randomly chosen from the group of 30 active adverts, in the footer of the page - hopefully this image wil help show what I am looking to achieve:
  8. Multiple Advertisements simultaneously?

    We have a number of traders on our forum, at the footer we scroll small banners/adds for all traders at once. (currently on phpbb). Is it possible to have nexus display a group of adds in the global footer (random selection of say 6 from the 30 we have) or perhaps just scroll the whole group of adds at once? As the current software will display one random advertisement from the group of active adverts, I asume it would be easier to modify to accomplish the first option, displaying a selection of random adverts from the current active group of adds. Anyone done this or advise how it could be done? Many thanks.
  9. Which combination of products would give calendar

    Thanks for the information - just purchased all the above. Looking forward to getting it set up and seeing how we can get the look and feel right and not upset our users! :lol:
  10. Hi, Have tested the demo of IP software, but of course this has all the components, some of which my community may not require. I have a few questions hopefully somebody can answer before I purchase the software. At present we would be looking to purchase: IPBoard IP Nexus Chat (free 5 user version) IP Gallery IP Content Would the above provide the calender as is present on the demo? If we wished to upgrade to the larger user version of chat, or bolt on the blogs or downloads, could this be done at any time? Is it possible to renew support for one item and not others, or must license renewal be undertaken for all products you have purchased? Many thanks to anyone taking the time to answer the above. :smile: Looking forward to using IP in the near future.