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  1. The front page says this: Unfortunately they cannot create their own group blogs. The only way to do so seems to be from the Admin CP and even then I can't just let my users select their own writing team for their blog. It's really restrictive and requires me to manage too much and create a whole bunch of member groups that won't be used for anything else. This was a major selling point for Blogs for me so I'm pretty disappointed by this. This was worded in a way that made me think someone could create a blog and add their friends to it to also write =/
  2. I brought this up on the old test site and there was decent support for it. Please show the Hide message to the person who posted the message that was hidden. It would make it a much easier way of communicating what was wrong (for smaller issues especially) rather than going to PM them or issuing a formal warning.This is my moderating team's most missed feature from vBulletin.
  3. 4.0 - Profiles

    This would be really, really useful to see. I think IP.Content articles would likely represent the most substantial level of content contributed to a community and it would be great to see that highlighted on the main profile page.   Overall the profile pages look quite nice! I had to disable background images for our users as it got too MySpace but the Header image is just right!
  4. Calendar Roadmap

    I think most of us would assume comments and posts would be synchronized. In my case, it means that users don't need to change the behaviour for discussion. The calendar provides a more structured view for referencing the important info but when they just want to discuss the event they can access it the same way they would any other discussion on our forums rather than going to another part of the site. I've found people converse differently in a forum setup when compared to a "comments" setup. Usually the forum setup makes for a higher quality discussion.
  5. 4.0 - Minor calendar enhancements

    Still not talk on forum integration for comments and RSVPs? :( And yes, as a competitive gaming community, I have great interest in Calendar if it works how I'm hoping it does!
  6. 4.0 - Calendar Stream

    If Calendar would create events in a designated forum with the RSVP status right in the thread and synced (along with comments/posts), I'd love to use Calendar. We're a gaming community that deals with regular tournaments. Calendar has a lot of potential for us.
  7. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Are the daily blog posts over? :( I'm a little disappointed that IP.Content wasn't touched on because as was mentioned earlier, it is what I think a lot of people are most worried about. I'm really hoping 4.0 is where Content becomes easy to use enough to replace WordPress for many of us so we can truly integrate our community and content in an age where people seem to increasingly move to Facebook groups.
  8. 4.0 - Comments and Reviews

    I really hope this is something you guys went with for Calendar as it has been asked for quite a bit and it's the #1 reason I don't currently use the calendar.
  9. Is IPB 4.0 at least feature-locked at this point?

    I doubt they want to tell us "Yes, this feature is in our design spec" and then have us find out they had to cut it for 4.1. Software is never finished. People have to make the call at some point due to business needs. It's a fine balance between hitting a deadline to hit a deadline and cutting non-critical features to get your product out.I'm personally fed up with needing a third party plugin for WordPress / Invision Power Board integration and am awaiting news on IP Content to see if I should hire a freelancer to move us onto an IPS solution.
  10. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    We've found users look at warnings as very serious and it makes them a little scared so we don't use them for smaller things which is why I'd prefer this functionality. It is something we did have on a vBulletin board I used to help run. Would love it in a future update if possible =)
  11. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    Will we have the option to allow the "Hide" message to be seen by the poster of the message as well as moderators? It allows moderators to easily explain to the user why their post isn't appropriate without having to create a new private messsage thread.
  12. I would really, really appreciate it if the hide message written in when a moderator deletes a post could be set to be viewable by the original poster as well as other moderators+. This would cut down on a lot of time when moderating a community as the member would be able to see why their message was hidden without having the moderator send them a separate PM when it's not something that can be kept on the boards but not something we want to give a warning/infraction (a little scary for new members) for. If this exists in the form of a plug-in please point me in the right direction!
  13. Editted Time Grace Period

    That does sound like what I was asking for although I wish it was standard rather than us having to pay $10 for... Sorry, I mean before the message appears. With this method, they can't edit at all after a few minutes.
  14. Editted Time Grace Period

    I would really like there to be a grace period for the time it takes before the "Edited on" message appears on a post a regular member has edited. I do not want to allow any member to edit their post without it saying so because then people can easily edit their old posts without us noticing. However, it's really annoying for users who make a small typo or want to re-word something a few seconds after posting. This is default and expected behaviour in competing products. I'd really like Invision to make this the default behaviour in 3.4 or at least give us that option out of the box.
  15. Remove warning option

    This should really, really be a thing. I'm sort of surprised it doesn't do this as it felt like basic functionality on vBulletin.