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  1. Clayyhouse added a post in a topic Turn your Suite into a website   

    are there any tortorials for any of this..I really dont know where to find these places.

    Where can i find someone to help me get started.. seriously.
  2. Clayyhouse added a post in a topic New again   

    Thanks for your reply
    Perfect! That’s just what u needed to know.. Now is there a way to see IP.Gallery contributions on the profile page,,
    i am just looking for a way to display my users works of art.. Giving a little incentive "look at my work" that possible?
  3. Clayyhouse added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    New again
    I feel like I am in a foreign country reading some of these post..
    I need help.. I have a domain name. I’ve been doing WP blogs for years.. And got smacked down by Big G because of some spam sites on the same ISP(this is what i was told). My community has let me know they still want to have a info share.. and forum.. What i need
    1. Front page that is Very clean and informative text blocks with pic's and video.
    2. Integrated options to connect with fb and twr
    Will i have to lose all my previous blog content? and back links/
    forum area
    and the big things is user profiles.. that allow pictures
    and then a "pictures page were pics can be viewed by all users.
    Can I see any sites a total solution in action?
    The demo is nice but without post and pages it really is just a cold shell. What platform is the forum built on?
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