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  1. IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 6 Available

    How many betas do IPB generally run through before final edition is released? I know that IPB is not willing to commit to a time but it would be very helpful to have an ETA for planning purpose for sites running the software. 
  2. [DR] IP.Content Live Streams

    This has been amazing for our site. We no longer talk about putting up streams because it simply manages itself. This has made life so much easier for us.   Definitely the best App I've bought for IPB. Worth every $$.
  3. [DR] IP.Content Live Streams

    If there were anything better than this great app, it'd be the support provided along with it. One of the best value for buck hooks and there is nothing remotely close to it for IPB which is kind of weird considering the demand for such hook. Thank you for the great work that you've put into developing this. A+++
  4. Go to last post icon

    I am definitely with Biker.GA. I migrated our forums from vBulletin but now many of our users are somewhat lost. I find it weird that the developers are calling the icon "meaningless". It is not always about the code but ALWAYS about how users perceive the outcome. If duplicating icons everywhere makes it easier for users to accept something, then that should become the functional requirement when writing the program. Anyway, I'm off to find a way to make this happen for my users. But I think IPB development team could do with "User Acceptance Testing" before assuming something so useful to users is useless. This is why WYSIWYG was invented.