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  1. Can we create custom sidebar blocks with for example, containing flash code or html code?
  2. I have my own icons I'd like to use for the bell and message icons in the header.How do I replace them? Thanks.
  3. I am wondering if there is a feature to restrict other administrators in IPS4?
  4. Just wondering. Maybe a rough time frame? I can't wait to try out the new updated version.
  5. IPS4 is a masterpiece.

  6. Global Sidebar

    I'm glad it hasn't been. Unless there's an option to keep it the way it currently is, I don't want this.
  7. Thank you for the great response.
  8. Thank you for your insights :) I ask this because vBulletin 5 is responsive, but is difficult to set to a fixed width. Though I was hoping a staff member could confirm this?
  9. The other day I read a staff member state that IP. Board 4.0 will have a responsive design. This is good, though some of us have websites with a design structure that doesn't support a responsive design. I have always found the IP. Board mobile skin a good solution for this. Will IPB 4.0's responsive design be easy to set to a fixed width? Will IP. Board mobile still be available, or possibly replaced? Thanks for reading.
  10. IP.Social 4.0 Improved Forum Index Layout

    Those examples are pretty bad and unneeded. Ditching what is the pinnacle design of message board software is a terrible idea. All they need to do is add a few bells and whistles to the current design, make it responsive, and you have a perfect design for 4.0 Tons of people are fleeing from vBulletin 5x due to trying to follow those examples you listed.
  11. Switching over from VB 3.8

    I believe that both IP. Board and vBulletin have their pros and cons. I generally think they are equal. The vBulletin 3x series is great in my opinion... However vBulletin 4x and 5x... not so much. Each series seems to decline in quality. Though it's quite funny timing, as I'm planning to purchase a vBulletin license in a few weeks to run 3.8 on one of my other websites.
  12. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    These are my suggestions:
  13. Sounds like it is... Would there be an option to completely disable it so that there's no traces of it besides in the admin CP?
  14. Please no. I will leave IP. Board if this becomes a mandatory feature. I bought IP. Board for a message board system. I, and many others are against Twitter fads being introduced. There's a reason plugins were invented. Leave the @ fads to that.