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  1. IPS4 is a masterpiece.

  2. Another question. How do I get rid of the whiteness behind the categories/forums and replace that and the outer greyness with just one tiled background?
  3. Hi :) I'm buying IP board very soon. I'm running a demo right now @ 1. I have Chatango on the right side via the ad placement system. How do I put the header (That would say 'Chat') and the boarder on it that the others below it have? I have no experience with the hooks and have been failing to understand them. 2. Can I get rid of the 'Forums' box under the logo, so that there will be nothing there? If not, can I add a 'Return to the main site' link on the left of the 'Forums' link (That would take you to 3. When I buy the license, can I use it for multiple of my sites, or is the license only for one site? 4. How does the installation work? I can't seem to upload folders... I'm rather confused. I'd like it to be on the page. If I have any more questions, I'll simply reply in this topic. Thanks!
  4. Can I put Chatango on the right sidebar?

    Well I figured out a very easy way on how to do it. You can go to custom ads in the system setting, and simply place the Chatango code or anything you want and put choose the settings of where the ad goes, and you're good to go. Would there be any problems with this? So far I haven't found any, but I'd like to be sure. I'll be buying IP board in slightly less than 2 weeks.
  5. Can I put Chatango on the right sidebar?

    I suppose what I'm asking is, is there a way to put the chatango code into an empty box on the right side bar? Like in this mock up I did I'm currently running the IP board demo to try and figure it out. If I can resolve this, I will definitely buy the license.
  6. Can I put Chatango on the right sidebar?

    Did my reply get through?
  7. Can I put Chatango on the right sidebar?

    So I could do this (A mock up I just made) easily?
  8. I'm going to buy IP board with a license in a few weeks. I have chatango on the right sidebar on my main site. Can I put Chatango on the right side bar on IP Board? Thanks.
  9. Payment/Blog/Site Designing Questions

    Thanks. I have two more questions. I currently already have a .com domain that I'd like to use. I read that it gives you a sub-domain and then asks you to contact technical support. How long would that take? Do they respond easily? I don't want to be on the phone with them for several hours costing a fortune :/ Also, I read something about back ups. If I were to buy an IP license in the future, could I back up all the stuff I currently have on my site and then in a few months switch to my own custom hosting and put my old data on it? What does the back ups send you? The files that would be in the FTP folder? I've also tried out the demo, and I really like it. Though I can't see an option to change the background to a graphic. Just colour changing.
  10. Basic 10 User Limitation

    I'm rather confused... are there hidden charges? On Monday I'm going to pick the $10 per month option. What hidden/extra charges are there?
  11. Hello. I'm going to be taking up the $10 per month plan for IP board (Later upgrading when I need it). I have a few questions I'd like to ask first. 1. Can only 10 users be online at once, or can there only be 10 users online within 48 hours? I don't understand which they meant. 2. If I do go over the limit accidently but then the amount of users I have is 10 or less from there onwards, can I switch back to the lower package? 3. Is it easy to style the site? e.g. if I wanted to change the background to a custom background, could I do it easily? Can I also replace 'new post, old post, new topic' etc images easily? I have no web coding skills to manually code these. 4. Can I make it so that when you visit my site, you get redirected to the blog first instead of the forums? 5. Can I make my blog & forums look like this easily? Thanks.
  12. Hey. Is IP board really worth it? I'm thinking about purchasing the $10 per month option, and later upgrading when I need it.

    1. Mikey B

      Mikey B

      Feel free to put in a ticket to our Sales department, or email :)