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  1. J33f added a project in Projects   

    A Dice System
    First and Foremost, I'm super broke, lol. I'll start asking for donations on my site, but until that time, it's going to be a "best offer" sort of thing, as requested by the coders/developers.
    I'm looking for a dice system that can be incorporated per post for a Roleplaying site.
    The one that we've used in the past was a simple [roll]1d6[/roll] tag code. 
    Other examples: [roll]1d8[/roll] | [roll]1d10+2[/roll] | [roll]1d20-5[/roll] 
    It worked with any number, as well. Not a primary dice number: 1, 4, 6, 8...100
    Features to be had:
    +/- dice modifier based on external statsThe inability to be edited after rolled or deleted from the post. Once posted, it's a permanent fixture unless the thread is deleted or by admin removal.The ability to roll 2-100 and be randomly selected.A comments feature, tied into the roll. "This roll is for the defense of blah blah blah attack."A nice little box-package at the top, middle, or bottom of a post, selectable. I'd like it to be simple, akin to the < Code > button when you click it. 
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  2. J33f added a comment on a file Tournaments   

    Once you initially purchase this, you don't need to do the renewal unless there's an update, right? Much like IPB's subscription?
  3. J33f added a comment on a file Legend BBcode   

    Guess its two years too late to say that this bbcode doesn't work as suggested.
    That's supposed to be the same thing...
  4. J33f added a post in a topic Only disapointment   

    HMm... only if he's paid for it.


    It's 65 $.
  5. J33f added a comment on a file MineCraft   

    Add a banner Server Ticker for an actual Minecraft server and this might be something original.

    Otherwise it's just a rip from Minecraft . net's forums on the Default IP.Board theme.
    And honestly, as your first skin, you shouldn't be so prideful to assume it should be bought and paid for.
    Build a portfolio of honest work and good looking stuff (that's original) and go from there.
  6. J33f added a post in a topic The Search Function has A.D.D.?   

    While I understand what you're saying, putting quotations around the word "Dice" seems a bit redundant, seeing as the Search query has NOTHING else to search for, but Dice. Lol.
  7. J33f added a topic in Product Feedback   

    The Search Function has A.D.D.?
    I've noticed this time and time again with the search function in IPB and I'm wondering what in the world the code is actually doing when you punch something into the search function.

    I come to your forum, looking for a specific mod. So I type in "Dice" because I'm looking for a Dice Rolling mod and it brings up like 8 pages worth of stuff, of which 3 posts are dedicated to old mods and the rest don't make any sense, lol.

    What exactly does the software do when you plug something like that in?
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  8. J33f added a comment on a file Character Mod   

    If you need a fellow roleplayer to bounce ideas off of, let me know and I can give you some ideas - because I've been looking for a multi-linking system that allows you to post as different characters while remaining under one SN for a long time now.

    I'm also using 3.3, sadly, so I'm waiting for this mod update to arrive. ;]