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  1. Vaultg added a post in a topic Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   

    Here's how I see it
    I purchased IPB in August 2012 and looks pretty but not much else.

    IPB is all about the developers owners making money , the most in a short period of time correct?

    If the paying public are paying $175 for IPB which in my eyes is expensive, pay every 6 months after that for upgrades support etc. where other places give free support and free upgrades and the software is free.

    I have been using php Nuke evolution for years thought I would change to IPB because It was recommended as being a great product
    really isn't, its so complex and difficult to handle for new people to IPB like myself its really not worth the money or the time

    No wonder people go and use the nulled stuff, I can understand why now but its wrong and don't personally agree with nulled stuff
    The support is really that that crash hot either I have waited for days at times to get support wen logging tickets and for the money
    its costs , not good enough

    My opinion
    IPB is a good product, not worth what your charging, support is mediocre, 6 monthly updates is really a rip off
    feel ripped off and thinking about going back to php its simple never been hacked, support and help is immediate and everywhere and FREE

    IPB probably really don't care about what I say or if I leave but I have a lot of friends and clan members who are asking me abut IPB
    Like other sin here I feel I'm getting ripped here...
  2. Vaultg added a post in a topic Sending Bulk emails a farce   

    Thanks for all the feedback people and will see what 3.4 brings
  3. Vaultg added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Sending Bulk emails a farce
    I cant believe that if your board is not busy the bulk emails wont send or very slowly
    Really for the amount of money I have spent on just about everything the emailing system is totally letting this great IPB down badly
    is there a way to fix this? is someone working on this? maybe insert phpbb3 into IPB and might work properly?

    at this point cant see me updating or getting any more IPB add on's until this is fixed
    Bulk emails should be sent immediately not days later as in my case for just 100 members
    yes ranting but needs to be said

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