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  1. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    I have it on a vB forum since April of this year and averaged about $120 a month.  However..  For October so far, it only brought in $3.50.   Something seems wrong.
  2. How to get more members interested

    It is very, very difficult to start a new forum from scratch.  And it can take many years to get reasonable traffic.  Facebook has taken over the need for many forums.  Trying to get something established next to Facebook and the existing large forums being bought by large media companies is nearly impossible.  Perhaps adding daily content like a blog may get it started but don't count on it. Don't want to sound too negative but I think that's the reality for new forums these days.
  3. Anti spammer registration timer

    My vBulletin site was flooded with spam bots. After installing an add-in requiring registrations to take at least 15 seconds between loading of registration page and actual submission eliminated all (or nearly all) spam bots. A system like that does work very good.
  4. Fake a few members on new boards

    Instead of talking to yourself and creating fake content, what about new forums that need some new content helping out each other to get things going? More here:
  5. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    This guide was very helpful in setting up a home page: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  6. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    You'll just need IP.Content to do this in addition the forum, gallery, blog and other applications . Only the image patchwork block is an add-on but that was only $6. You basically define the blocks for content and output format (many have been set up already) and use these blocks to create a home page or other pages.
  7. Creating a Home Page Feel With IP Content

    It is easy to create a home page with IP.Content and pull information from articles, forums, blogs and gallery images. That was one of the main selling points for me to go with Invision instead of vB for a new site. Check it out here: Articles only:
  8. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Any links to sites that use this skin?  The demo is good but always nice to see on live sites.   Thanks!
  9. Dimension // ipbfocus

    Good looking theme, nice job.  Do you have a screenshot of the default topic layout?  Is it easy to add or change backgrounds?  Nothing wrong with the standard backgrounds but it will be nice to add a few that are more specific to content for certain sites.
  10. I read v4 is going to be completely new with some very interesting features. Is the upgrade from v3 to 4 going to be relatively painless and easy to do? Or is it best to wait for 4 and start fresh with the new system? I understand addons for 3 will not work with 4 so it is probably best to wait with installing add-ons if I start with 3 or make sure there are plans from the developer to offer new 4 versions for their addons. If you start with a new site in the current 3 version, are there any best ways to set it up to prepare for an easy 4 upgrade? I know a completely new version isn't released very often but how long is it expected to take to work out all the bugs and have a workable version? Probably pretty difficult to predict but my experience with vB4 is that it took a year or more to have a good working version with most of the important bugs worked out. And another year of frequent updates to get where it is right now. My thought is just to start with IPB 3 right now and see what will happen with 4 in the next year.
  11. Convert from vB4 and changing domain name for car site

    After seeing the initial release of vB5, I doubt we'll ever upgrade..! IPB seems to be light years ahead of vB5 and confirms my desire to move from vB4 to vB5. I started a new site and, besides limited content, am very impressed with IPB. Thanks for the support and feedback so far! Now I just have to decide if I want to move my existing site from vB4 to IPB but probably wait a while.
  12. Number of online users with hosted service

    Thanks for the information, that was what I was looking for. Can you monitor these numbers somewhere so you can see how close you are to the limits of the plan?
  13. Number of online users with hosted service

    I was hoping visitors would not be counted as users. Can you limit access to visitors so members have priority and you won't get bumped up to the next package? Are search engine bots counted as users?
  14. I don't completely understand how you count the online users. 1) Is a 'user' a member or visitor? Or both? 2) Does the number of 'users online in a 48 hour rolling window' mean they are on the site at the same time or combined number in a 48-hour time period?. Example: There are 100 users on the site in a 48-hour time period. 40 members and 60 visitors. However, there are never more than 10 users on the site at the same time. For the online user count in the 48-hour rolling window, do you use 10, 40 or 100 to determine the plan?
  15. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    [quote name='CDMS' timestamp='1345058440'] This sounds amazing. I'll be using this for sure when it comes out. Do you have a time frame on a release of 3.4? Other inquiring minds would like to know. :smile: