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  1. That all sounds great. Well, except for the part of having to spend an extra $40 for the Wordpress module - but if it's kept up to date and works better than the IP.Converge one it's worth it. If I were to get an IPB license and then bought the Wordpress SSO module, would I have immediate access to the download or does the mod developer have to approve it first? Just waiting on the demo system to be back up so that I can try out a few things before making a decision!
  2. I have a fairly small Xenforo board that I'm seriously considering converting to IPB. Really impressed with the support, community, and the relative development transparency compared to most other forum options. I've done some searching and found some answers to some of my questions, but I still have a few before taking the plunge. It looks like the XF -> IPB converter is fairly seamless and pretty much everything is converted. Is there anything that might be broken after the conversion? I know that some converters require members to reset their passwords afterwards and such. And will everything be redirected after the conversion so there won't be broken links? A key feature I really need is the ability to have single sign-on between Wordpress and IPB. RIght now I have a plugin for XF/WP that allows Wordpress to use Xenforo's user tables to let people sign into Wordpress and comment, post articles, etc. I see three options for WP/IPB integration: an IP.converge module, the Wordpress SSO plugin, and IPBWI. IPBWI is way too expensive, so that rules that out. Would the IP.converge module work for a seamless transfer and continuation of what the plugin I have now does? And for that matter, does it even work with the current version of IPB? Or should I be looking at the other, paid SSO plugin? This one isn't so much a requirement as it is something that would be neat for my particular site. My community is a gaming community, so obviously people want to share gamertags, PSN and Steam IDs, and the like. I know a lot of forum software has plugins that allow for enhanced profile fields for such contact info - clicking on the Xbox icon in the postbit would show their gamertag and take you to their Xbox profile, for example. Is there a plugin for IPB that does this, and if not, how hard would it be to create a profile field with that functionality? Thanks!