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    Forum that allows qualitative and quantitative feedback
    Hi everyone,

    First post here for me!

    I am working with a small team inside local government that is looking for a way to have community members provide feedback in structured manner.
    With 27 groups - each with 4 8 different sub-groups, I thought a forum format may be the most logical format for people to navigate through to their area.

    It is part of a project called the Tablelands Community Plan ( http://www.trc.qld.gov.au/tablelands-community-plan )

    Over the next 8 years, a range of individuals and organistaions will provide feedback against their particular area of activity.
    Could the IPS community enable submissons to be structured?

    For example:

    A structured submission to a topic could include general feedback, and quantitative feedback e.g.

    If these quanities could then be featured against the topic - or overall project in a graph, this would help administrators visualise the activity through the sub-groups.

    I am a private web page developer, with limited CSS / PHP skills.
    More of a designer really.

    Keen to determine if anyone has seen anything like this - or should I be looking at project management software?


    Project name: Tree Planting Project
    General feedback: The project is going well. 5000 trees have been planted.
    Quantitative feedback:
    Number of people involved: 16
    Number of hours contributed by community members: 1600
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