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  1. Adverts - Code in Head

    I've noticed in version 4, the option to set the header code for ads is not longer available. Is it possible to bring this back, as for those of us that user services like DfP we need to be able to add the matching code in the header for the ad tags to work.  
  2. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    I really hope this is something that is corrected, the proxy should work for all attached images no matter when they were posted.
  3. SAM-0020.JPG

  4. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    You've just made my day! Only thing left on my check-list now before conversion is for the actually converters to be released.
  5. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    I really do hope this is implemented soon. id also like to see the option to be able to cache indefinitely or for images to be imported. To help deal with the broken images. 
  6. Auto Embedable Media

    I know you can embed youtube videos ect into the editor, but I've also recently discovered you can also embed Twitter and Instagram links as well. Is there a list of the sites and content that you can embed automatically? Are you able to add other sites in as well?  
  7. Switched to 4.1

    Last time the reason I switched back was xenforo was just so much simpler for me as a admin, I could change things with a few in the templates, which I could never do with IPB, so even though my members prefered IPB, I made the switch back to xenforo. I'm starting to regret this decision in the long run and wish I'd have just stuck with it.
  8. Still no 4.1 converters available

    I had the same problem, converted to 3.4 and everything worked, then upgraded to 4 and then lost all my avatars.   I'm waiting for the version 4 converters.
  9. RSS of the entire forum

    You could use Yahoo Pipes to combine all the individual RSS feeds into one.   Edit: Scrap that, they've shut it down.
  10. Converting back to IPB

    I thought it was jsut me doing it wrong, it must be a bug then if other people have the same problem.
  11. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    I've noticed you've included image proxying but are the images cached like how the proxy. Works with xenforo
  12. Sooo...

    I've yet to see any open source software that's a real competitor with the likes of IPB, vbulletin or xenforo. Its not just about the software its about the support as well.
  13. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    As a new customer well one that's just come back his response has actually reinforced my decision that it would be a good move. It's refreshing to see a company that says things as they are rather than insincerely pandering to customers.
  14. Deletion queue

    I've noticed in version 4 that the deletion queue didn't exist anymore.  Is this likely to be added back in at some point.   im not a fan of having things delete instantly and thought this was a novel idea as I was able to set it to 30 days and periodically check the items my mods were deleting before they we gone for good