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  1. I'm not too sure where to ask this so have put it in here. When 4.0 is released and the forum is no longer part of the core. does that mean it would be possible to use the invision framework without using any of the invision apps. For example if I wanted to run a arcade site, would it be possible to use the framework and arcade app by themselves. I've got a couple of forums that once IP connect matures and works (or I can get it to work) across different sites properly, I will be linking together. Rather than having a arcade on each of them I was thinking of just having the one that's independent of the main sites that I can send people to using the logins from the main forums.
  2. Suggestion: Export Blog feed to Google News

    has anyone managed to actually get accepted for Google News using the blogs, as from what I can see it wouldn't meet the technical requirements for Google news
  3. Searching needs significant improvement.

    I've jsut come looking for answer as well, as my members are not happy with the search, they are doing a search using the keyword thats in the title of the thread but the threads nowhere to be seen.
  4. IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist

    I'd like to see more integration between the software for networks of sites. Ip connect is a good start, but it needs to be taken to the next level, with more a more active transfer of data, syncroning warnings and profile information across sites, sso across domains not just sub domains. Being able to move topics across sites, etc. being able to use nexus to sell ads on each site from from one store ect, basically like Wordpress multi site but on steroids.
  5. Is there an iOS App for IPB yet?

    does that mean we be able to use somethink like phonegap to bundle it up into our own natove apps.
  6. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    There is a mod in the market place that meets the requirement, its free, and it complies, I use it on my sites. I don't understand what the problem is.
  7. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    They sell to people in the EU, so I don't think saying your not a EU based company is a get out of jail free card. But saying that I'm no legal expert but I wouldn't personally expect them to anyway, its just what I had read.Edit, for some reason it won't allow me to quote you.
  8. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    I remember reading when I was doing my research that the UK Information Commission had said there would be a expectation of software developers to make their software compliant, so if that's the case then there is some burden on IPS to make sure the software complies. The problem is this isn't a European Law, its a directive that the member states have to implement in local law and that's where the problem is stemming from. Each member can implement it differently, and to different extents. I mean the ICO in the UK changed its interpretation of it at the 11th hour and said implied consent is fine, and has been said before even the Government websites haven't implemented it properly, until they do, we've got nothing to worry about, as if the ICO wanted to go after anyone for it, (which they've said they won't, as long as they are trying to implement it) there are far bigger fish for them to go after first.
  9. Editor Feedback

    if I asked any of my members what bbcode was they wouldn't have a clue and most user are the same. the use the editor to make any changes to the text they want. i would say though that heh change needs to be made to just html then it needs to be done quickly and not be drawn out.
  10. Attachment Archiving

    They wouldn't that would be the point of archiving it, and if it was something they were disparate to have removed then I'm sure they could as the admin.
  11. When ever I have a problem I'll try searching the site, then asking on the forum, then as a last resort will file a ticket. There seems to be a lot of the same questions being asked that don't seem to be answered.I've just been thinking that I bet that support get asked a lot of the same questions over and over by different people, so wouldn't it be a good idea if they started to publish those common questions with the answers (obviously with any personal information removed) somewhere on the site in the form of a knowledge base. It would allow much more self service and free up the support teams time. I'd also suggest adding common questions asked on the forums to it as well.
  12. Well that mod works perfectly,
  13. Extend Ad Code Integration

    I'd like to see you extend the Ad code integration in two areas. First and the most important Have a box to insert code in the head section. This is so important as most ad servers like DfP require code to be put in the head section for the ads to work. This also needs to be able to be overridden for the different sections like you can do with the Header and Footer code currently. Secondly extend the integration to work with the other applications like Gallery, Blogs and Content.
  14. The reason I want it is I've installed other apps like the blogs and IP Content since I set my forums up and all the members register before hand don't have the notifications set up properly.