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  1. 14DH01 added a post in a topic vb4.2.0 => IPS   

    My forum is set with the seo mod : Mod_rewrite Friendly URLs


    in my posts I have internal links pointing to other parts of our subjects

    You're telling me is that the URLs in my posts will be converted thanks to your converter
    Is that correct?

    [CODE] http://cibiforum.org/threads/313-Installation-du-Frequencemètre-Superstar-KFVI
    after conversion will be different but yet the right places in the forum to

    I hope you understand my request
    If the links always point to the right post, is good

  2. 14DH01 added a post in a topic vb4.2.0 => IPS   

    Thank you for your answer
    Confirm that the urls (those of my forum) posts will always be in valid?
    I had this misadventure, transferring my forum "phpbb3" to "vbulletin4."

    Attachments are they still valid?

    On this subject he reminds me of my transfer:

    And sorry if I'm not yet convinced.
    My forum is huge, I do not want to manually fix all "URLs" lost in each posts.

    Yes I saw the demo it's still good to see that your software unfortunately not help me to solve my anxiety
  3. 14DH01 added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    vb4.2.0 => IPS

    Now my forum (vb4) is set
    Address rewriting URLs

    After the conversion, links "Internal URLs" are always good ?

    the users passwords are they broken?

    Or is it possible to test your software before purchasing?

    Or if there's one thing not satisfied money back?

    Thank you for your comprehenssion

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