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  1. (NB34) Blog - Delete Blogs

    This worked, thank you. Please have this for 4.0 also if IPS leaves this feature out again.
  2. Member Map

    I am so happy to have the Member Map back after that last API crashed. The new global view looks great, but it's really too bad that hovering doesn't show member names unless you click on them first.
  3. 4.0 - File Storage

    Whenever I run a webpagetest I get an F for both "compressed images" and "progressive jpegs". I have brought that up dozens of times with my hosting live chat and every time they scapegoat the forum software. I am not qualified to believe or disbelieve that, but I hope that there will be some easier to way to manage and verify image compression now that these things will be in a more unified place.   Also, I have some caching rules in my .htaccess that I don't fully understand. I hope keeping those won't override whatever new caching options will be available. Hopefully someone can release a tutorial on what our .htaccess should look like in order to reflect the most up-to-date caching rules.   Overall, Thank you for making this more CDN friendly. I am in the process of setting up a CDN, but am a bit intimidated about how to reference all of my CSS etc, as well as how to make sure that the CDN stays up to date on styling changes that I make.
  4. If it would be easier to program, I would definitely settle for "start a new page after x amount of videos have been posted". That way you could keep the conditions global.
  5. Ok but don't you agree that it would be nice to have topic-by-topic control over this?
  6. Yes, that's what I was referring to when I said: I have it set to 30 there. I like being able to view 30 posts on each page, I just want the "post per forum page" limit to be about 5 on threads which use a lot of videos. But surely it's not ideal to have to compromise every single forum on my board just so that one music/video thread won't crash! I know you weren't suggesting that, just wanted to state the obvious in general.
  7. One make-everybody-happy feature that you can add would be to include an option to limit the number of posts per forum page that will overwrite the global setting assigned from "Topics, Posts, and Polls". The main problem that this would address is with media-heavy forums that list several videos. Dedicated server or not, these are often going to crash and take an unreasonable amount of time to load with 20+ videos on one page. However, if I could go to a music forum in my ACP and select an option to set its specific number of posts per forum page to 5 or 10, then I wouldn't have to worry about request timeouts or people giving up and bouncing. If there is already a way to do this please tell me how and I sincerely apologize. However, since each of my threads are set to show 30 posts, my current solution is to lock all music threads once they hit 10 videos, and then use internal links to reference the various locked music threads. Please tell me that you agree this is not ideal.
  8. Random Topic

    I just read that randomly generated content helps with increasing the frequency SEO indexing. This should help thanks!
  9. Content Spy

    Thank you for the help with the fatal errors, rebuilding my templates did it just like you said.
  10. I know the last thing IPS needs right now is to get flooded with more suggestions since the priority right now is fine-tuning and beta-testing 4.0, but I am so happy with this "paste as plaintext" feature that I would love for it to be a default for new members. This was actually one of the major draws for me to upgrade to 3.4. I keep trying to tell members to post their own original content, lol, but when they see things they like on the internet they just dump it into a thread, and then leave a citation. On the BB code side this looks like [font size = 4 ][background: 256, 256, 256 ][font: sans serif ... ] etc etc, wrapped around every paragraph block. It is usually my older members who get paste-happy, but these are the ones least-likely to notice the little button which posts as plaintext. Would it not be better to be able to make this the default, and then give them the option to find this little button and decide if t hey DON'T want it? Common sense seems to dictate that people should control their formatting forum-side, rather than dump messy mark-up code in the editor which they don't understand, especially when their tables get lost or there is a crazy background color and then they just get frustrated and confused. Overall, this little feature would potentially save admin a ton of janitorial work. And all admin l like "yes/no" options in their ACP rather than stuff we can't control, so everyone wins right? PS. A big thank you to the IPS team for promptly patching my forum to fix a pasting bug with IE and Chrome!
  11. 4.0 Feature Request: customize the text color palette

    If I understand what you mean correctly about just defining the hex values, then it sounds like you will be jumping straight to the "more colors screen": '> That would certainly be better than the intermediary smaller-palette color summary that we get in 3.x. It would still be better to have a "favorite colors" palette that admin can predefine because looking at a giant hex chooser can be a bit overwhelming. But still, what you say sounds like an improvement. Thanks for putting so much work into generation 4. We're all excited about it. Shameless tangent in before the close: Please let us customize the cell sizes in tables too so we can integrate pictures well with text.
  12. better palette

    Hopefully the first layer of the color chooser in 4.0 looks something like this, and we won't have to click "more colors". 
  13. >IPS blog: "The buttons that appear on the toolbar are completely customisable in 4.0 and you can set different layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile." Please let us take this a step further and customize the actual text colors which can be picked upfront, directly editing colors in this primary grid with better-contrasting hex values. Yes, there is a "more colors" option, but many don't see it. All we would need to have is an "anchor name" for each replaced color; out of lack of imagination, we might get away with blue2 and blue3 etc. Of course, it would be best if admin can set the permissions for this feature. This request is in response to a couple of problems: 1) Most users don't understand how to manipulate colors with hexadecimals. a) Low-level work like that shouldn't be part of the posting experience anyway. 2) There are 40 colors in the palette but for any given skin but only about 10 contrast well. a) They can still be ugly if they contrast well. 3) Users don't always pay attention to logical contrast. 4) Most users don't see the "more colors" option, they just try to pick a color that's right in front of them. With some trial and error from the site admin within the spectrum of contrast-friendly colors, a large variety of usable colors can be selected: all of them contrasting well with the main skin. The bottom line is that it is simply embarrassing to represent a forum which offers so many colors that are completely unusable. Examples: Azure, Yellow, Honeydew, Lavender Blush, Alice Blue, Antique White, or Light Yellow. The worst damage from this usually isn't from obvious non-choices like white but from ones that just barely do not work and that might be deemed as cute like: Pale turquoise, Cyan, or maybe Lime. These will still burn your eyes on all but the dimmest monitors and create extra janitorial work for admin. But someone might ask, "I have multiple skins, how would this work for all of them?" Steve00 has provided an excellent solution for this: .post_body .post span { color: green !important; } All you do is put that code in the ipb_styles.css of your secondary skin(s), and it will guarantee that all colors used for emphasis will be translated into your chosen alternate text color for that skin. Just replace 'green' with the ideal hex value. This solutions seems well within the capabilities of the IPS team, shouldn't take too long to code, and being optional I can't imagine why anyone would be against it. Although I do not see a downside in this, I will still put a public poll up so that people seeing another side of this can voice their opinions. PS. If anyone can suggest how to hardcode these changes myself, then please offer some guidance. I am not able to use "Inspect Element" on the rich editor, so I have no idea where to begin. Thanks.
  14. color palette

    Please allow us to customize this palette in 4.0!
  15. Local Time in Topics

    This is still working on 3.4.5.  However, currently in summer, it's an hour off for people on the mainland regardless of whether I have DST detection on or not. It's accurate for me in Hawaii but we don't have daylight savings time here.    I'm sure it will be accurate again after the fall switch, and 1 hour off is no big deal. People will still get the general idea about what time it is for other people.