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  1. So I can create my own post feed to display on the sidebar or top of my board?
  2. I love to see a working example if it is possible.! Anyone?
  3. I am about to upgrade my board to 4.0 and could not find any? anyone? Thanks
  4. Is there a latest posts (not topic) widget or block? I would like to add it at the top of board or first thing on the side bar? Thanks
  5. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Please please can someone pick this up and upgrade for 4.0, it does not have to be FREE.... I can pay...
  6. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Anyone, This is a very nice hook....
  7. I have been with IPB for a long time...I have seen and I know many good people out there without making any money, trying to  help us with their free mods...And they help us who does not have tons of money.....This question was about them and US...I got my answer... Thank you....
  8. First of all, @‌sipofwater and @Rhett thank you for your answers. I understand...What if I want free Sudoku, what is wrong with that, you sound like a rich guy????
  9. So you are saying, they can download the software and install locally and test it locally???? They do not need a license to do this?Am I understanding this correctly?Thanks
  10. I know the $100 credit thing...But my question is not about that: Will developer get any kind of developer section to test or create their old mod/product to current version of IPB????
  11. I would like to upgrade to 4.0 but I have couple apps that needs to be upgraded too, and one of the them is SUDOKU (Free Mod), but the developer answer to my question belowMY QUESTIONIs there something for this kind of developer to keep developing their product on free bases????Thanks
  12. Sign in issue

    It is a weird thing happening to me too...Here how I replicate this: : logged in and start browsing the board when I return to this board is showing that I am NOT logged in, but as soon as I click a link on the board, it shows that I am logged in again.... WEIRD....
  13. I see that still NOT updated with 4.0First question: When will IPB update with version 4.0?Second question: I wanted to see a list of features 4.0 come with???? Where can I find that?
  14. Bought software refused!

    ​They are doing business like a rich capitalist business man...! lol!
  15. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    Essential for me too