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  1. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    You'll need to look into the IPB 4 marketplace. This one is only for IPB 3.      
  2. Mono (ipbfangorn.net)

    A very nice template for those who like semi to dark website but don't like to have the color Black as the go to color for a skin. Very easy to change out the top banner to whatever you like (although I recommend that if you use a custom banner, make it something that matches the color palette).   Now if only the template would get updated to use with the current build of IPB, it would be worth purchasing but until then, people might want to wait for an update unless you use an older version of IPB 4 prior to 4.1.
  3. (BIM41) Chatbox

    Ever since this app appeared on the marketplace, I've used it to no end and it has been one of the most useful additions to my site. Overall, chatbox is worth having on any IPB site and is a good alternative to the default chat app because it's free and doesn't have a user limit.
  4. Loving IPB4RC but miss having IP.Content redirect my content to my root index. ( ~ _~)

  5. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    I'm extremely excited about IPB 4.0 and seeing that better language functions are being implemented but I only have one concern. Will there ever be an official language pack for Japanese & Korean in the future for IPB? It's been over 7 or 8 years (I think) since I've started using IPB and even though my site main language is English, waiting for someone to bring a language pack for these two languages has been one long wait with nothing shown or such so I'm just wondering.   Regardless of that, things looks to be shaping up really well with the new version. Keep it up!! ^_^  
  6. Wished there was more anime themed skins for IPB. T _T

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    2. Amy T

      Amy T

      Good good, make it close to the orb skin but anime style. Or maybe like that delicate blue skin or a mix of the 2 with anime syleing.

    3. Stars25


      What Features do you want on an amine skin? Like how do you want it to look color wise and stuff?

    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      The icons for new post, no new post need to be some kind of anime character, faces would be best. A cool background with anime images on it.

  7. Wished I could find someone to make help make my web mock design into an actual IP.Content web template. T _T

  8. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    Well, although I wish IP.content had a better news system in it, I think my site came out okay for what it is right now but I think I need to get better at web designing: :: Anime Toshokan :: http://www.animetoshokan.org I appreciate the critisizm.
  9. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Ad Code Integration Part 2

    Very nice! Been waiting for something like this to use on my board. Hope there will be some intergration so it can be used in IP.Content as well. :whistle:
  10. needs to find a good website designer for IP.Content