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  1. Shawn Dean added a comment Bug translation [version beta 5]   

    More than likely it was someone who installed a mod for him and added in extra coding themselves.

    I highly doubt that anyone would add in code like that to a mod, especially in IPB. Because, I'm sure there are better ways that sending login information to an email. >.<

  2. Shawn Dean added a comment Beta 4b: Pages: Upload field in edited records   

    | Temp. Fix For Bug:
    | Can't Delete Images In RTE If Broken
    | Date: April 10th, 2006
    | Fix By: Dean

    | Open Up: sources/classes/bbcode/class_bbcode_core.php |

    | Find: |

    return "<img src=\"$url\" border=\"0\" alt=\"{$this->ipsclass->lang['bbcode_img_alt']}\" />";

    | Replace With: |

    //return "<img src=\"$url\" border=\"0\" alt=\"{$this->ipsclass->lang['bbcode_img_alt']}\" />";
    return "<img src=\"$url\" border=\"0\" />";

    | Save File |
  3. Shawn Dean added a comment Upgrade issues from 3.1.4   

    I've sent the fix for this to Bfarber.
  4. Shawn Dean added a comment Background Processes Frozen with Cron   

    Yea, I agree. Tough decision on which way to lean really.
  5. Shawn Dean added a comment Database schema -> add index -> save only one column   

    Yes, that is the rebuild post content tool which is available in the Admin CP.
  6. Shawn Dean added a comment Error occurred, step 1 application core (step 5)   

    I have fixed this problem. Will be sending the fix to Brandon. :)