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  1. New Members Message

    Nice plugin, thanks! Would be nice if the message could be edited using the editor!
  2. DSC02760.JPG

  3. Well, doesn't the dot show if you have read that particularly topic or new posts? (dark dot, dark star, etc). New content is not a great example, but is does show different icons. It also adds a link so you go directly to the last unread post.
  4. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    Why not add all this (including any hooks/code) inside ip.content (next release) as demo content?   It's nothing big right. Could even trigger more people to buy IPC ;)
  5. And, where did it go?
  6. I have another suggestion for IP.Downloads. When you update a file, the first post (if enabled) of the support topic gets edited to the new properties. But, why can't it also post a reply (optionally) with the new version and changelog? This way the topic gets bumped and the discussion know right away that there's a new file update. At the moment the owner of the file has to post this manualy (you see this right here in the marketplace).
  7. Bad 'like' status hides post

    I thought I saw that option somewhere, but now in 3.3.2 can't find it anymore. Can you remember where you have seen it? By the way. You can see how it works here: http://tweakers.net/nieuws/81728/windows-live-merknaam-gaat-verdwijnen.html Check the replies on that Dutch topic, also notice the color of the icon right of the replies.
  8. Suggestion Attachment Upload

    Since most members just add their files as attachment it would be great if you can add an attachment as uploaded file. Just like you can insert a uploaded file into a topic just like it was an attachment. You could even add an admin/mod option to convert/add it to a uploaded file while the file is not yours.
  9. Since I have quite allot emoticons (850) it would be great to: 1. Add separate (management) ordering by filename and acronym (separate of display order which does not work - submitted issue already). This way you can find duplicates much faster. 2. Add the option to order them by usage (frontend). The editor only displays like 100 emoticons and then just show blank lines. This way we have to use 'Show All' to see them all (in the order that's not saved correctly). 3. Way to update the acronyms on the fly or add pagination (if you like), if you change many you might loose your session. Combined with my issue you can't find where you where when editing...
  10. [Feature Request]topic generation

    What about generating topics for download which where created before this option?
  11. [Suggestion] Ability to merge Records in IP.Download

    +1 I would love this option. Have multiple versions of files (which need to be archived). Right now they all are one single download while I would like to combine them to 1 download with multiple versions. Only way to do that is to delete and reupload the files, loosing statistics.
  12. I have seen several websites where a bad 'like' status of let's say -5 hides the post. Users can click on the one line notification of the hidden post to reveal it. (works like a spoiler but this hides the whole post including member info, signature, etc). not sure if this can already be done, but would like this for sure and shouldn't be to hard to code I guess.
  13. I have heard (not seen yet myself), that other forum software (vb?) allows you to drag and drop attachments and/or images. Draging images into the editor is supported since 3.2 but images were not rendered (just base64 coding). Matt fixed this issue and now all base64 is ignored. Anyone into this? My members are complaining they have seen and used this function on other forums and my board doesn't have it.... :S