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  1. "Requesting free project" exists as an option already.
  2. Suggestion: Give a sample IP.Blog Theme

    Custom themes are just custom CSS that you add to the page, in the current state you just need to know CSS and then you can style the content however you like. I agree that it may be nicer if you could have something a bit more intuitive whereby you are presented with the current style values and given the option to change them, but you are literally allowed to adjust whatever CSS you want to on the page, so presenting every option would be difficult. You can style elements on the page which aren't even in the blog, like adding this: #search { display: none; } Will result in the search bar being hidden on your blog. Really, the only limit to what you can do here is what you can figure out with CSS. Using a tool like Firebug will help a lot, as it will let you figure out the classes/ids that you can modify.
  3. Will IPS release IP.Content Tracker?

    Cool, thanks Ryan. :smile:
  4. Custom HEAD section content for pages

    You should already be able to do this with a {parse addtohead} statement: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/381934-addtohead-not-working-i-see-parse-addtohead-on-page/
  5. Will IPS release IP.Content Tracker?

    So the 'filter' feature Mark was referring to in that comment is already in IP.Content? Sorry, I don't use the product that often, but I've had people contacting me asking how to implement a system just like the Bug Tracker here and they were told the filter box on this site is custom. I assumed that was the hook.
  6. IP.Content 4.0 Suite Suggestion: Reusable DB fields

    Why would those different types of databases have any fields in common?
  7. IP.Downloads hacked or a warning?

    Yeah, I read this entire topic. This was handled correctly. This is not a hack, it was an incredibly minor issue and did not deserve any more attention than it received. You may disagree, but we all have our own opinions on what is important. IPS has a long track record of accurately gauging what needs immediate attention and what can be addressed at a later date.
  8. IP.Content 4.0 Suite Suggestion: Reusable DB fields

    If you're sharing so many fields across databases, wouldn't it make more sense to use one database and just categorize the different items? So that way, each of your original 10+ custom databases just become a single category in one database.
  9. IP.Downloads hacked or a warning?

    :unsure: This site was not hacked, and IPS did investigate the reason for the issue: it was possible to bypass the submitting of reports by constructing the URL manually rather than seeing a visible link to report the file on the page. The KB article Ryan linked you to explains the issue and provides the official fix.
  10. Will IPS release IP.Content Tracker?

    But there's also apparently a custom hook required to make this work, which, to my knowledge, has never been released: http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=comments&parentId=7871&fromApp=blog-entries&do=findComment&comment_id=16707
  11. Does something like this exist at all online? If the content is encoded even in the source, the browser needs to know how to decrypt it in order to display it. If browsers have the ability to do that, then anyone who wants to decrypt this encoded content would be able to do so as well, by using the same techniques.
  12. 4.0 Advanced Theming

      Just so folks are aware, there's an app I created in the Marketplace that makes it very easy for developers to do this, and will be updated for 4.0 as soon as possible:     I just wanted to throw this out there so as to prevent people from being discouraged that providing this update URL would be a complicated process for them.  With this app, you just enter in the details of your product in a UI in the Admin CP and it generates an update URL for you which you can provide with your product.  You can then update the info about your product in your site's Admin CP as needed and the URL will automatically return that there's an update available if necessary.
  13. AdSense Crawler

    More of an AdSense issue as opposed to an IP.Board issue: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/161351?ctx=as2&rd=1
  14. Suggestion: Custom Field "Link" Field Type

    That's how the custom fields work already, if there's a custom field in a category then people submitting files to that category put in what they need in that field, and then you can have it formatted like how marko described.
  15. Seems like overkill to me personally, I've never had an issue where I needed to limit the number of videos on a page though.