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  1. I am confused, which files do I need to upload to upgrade? Surely not all of them?
  2. Share via tumblr

  3. Advanced Success Dark

    Nice skin but do you plan on keeping this up to date as I hate buying skins only for the author to stop supporting it 12 months later
  4. 2nd License & installation

    I have just done that and it is still showing $175 without the discount?
  5. I am thinking of buying a 2nd license, how do I go about the 10% discount on offer? do I have to create a ticket? also can If I buy another license can I have the software installed or do I have to do this myself?
  6. Features for the Portal

    Will this still work with 3.2.1?
  7. Portal

    Superb!! product thank you
  8. Portal

    Thank you Mike for continuing to support this superb product. I much prefer this simple system.
  9. Features removed from 3.1.4

    Cant post a url and name it like before...
  10. pageload speed.

    Forums are definitely slower since upgrading
  11. Fixed width layout

    I agree, much prefer full width
  12. Be nice to have the option in the ACP
  13. Can't believe the avatars have gone!! please bring back the gallery feature
  14. Features for the Portal

  15. Features for the Portal

    I have implimented all of the above code and recached but nothing seems to have changed, have I done something wrong?