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  1. Banned Members... Are They Really Members Just Like Me?

    Morrigan, finding banned members isn't the problem at all. Having to actively find and seek them out to know they are banned is the problem... Ted.
  2. Banned Members... Are They Really Members Just Like Me?

    What my community wants and what I want are two totally separate things. I'm the administrator of the board and I don't even know who has been banned unless I actively go about checking each and every member, that is my point. Yes, I could create a new user group and move people in there but it's a lot of naughty boys and girls that need to be moved. Maybe I slept through the upgrade process and missed the option of removing what has been a default banned members group since... well... erm... the last fifteen years! Basically all I would like is an option in IP.Board that lets me know who are banned without having to resort to some plugin or enhancement... Ted.
  3. One of the annoyances/dislikes/confusion/(add appropriate naughty word(s) here) since moving from IP.Board 3.x to 4.1 is with banned members. In pre-4.1 when a member was banned they would be nicely moved to a banned members group. When browsing through a topic and a banned members post was visible it was nice and easy to determine whom the banned members were/are. In 4.1 it's a bit unnerving in that I don't really know if a member was banned or not because there is no visual indication representing the member as being banned. The only way for me to do this now is to go in to AdminCP and view the member and look for the "adjust ban" button. If it is there then I know that member has been banned. Surely there is a much more simpler and easier way to determine if a member has been banned!? Ted.
  4. Have you had any success with NavCat? Ted.
  5. The parameters look to be fine to me... https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186862.aspx I wondered if it could be something to do with the character-set and have tried different variations of some characters without success... Ted.
  6. I have no idea why this is a double post? Please delete... Ted.
  7. Yes, I thought exactly the same after I ran that query. I'm not entirely sure why these are being missed, it seems an odd one but then SQL isn't my strong suite so it's likely to be operator error... Ted.
  8. I've been doing some of these post format corrections in the database since yesterday after I updated the board to 4.1 as a lot of posts/topics are a mess. I have noticed some posts have this problem in their content... </p><br><p> </p><br><p> I tried running the following query on the post column to clear this up - without any success... update `ipb_forums_posts` set post = replace(post,"<br><p> </p><br>",""); ...it is always returning zero rows affected. The string expression to find is exactly as it is found in the database. Any ideas what I am missing here? Ted.
  9. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    ​That support topic has been closed - no support there! The last post links to a dead end too!http://invisionfocus.com/topic/6945-download-if-ipb-shoutbox/Ted. 
  10. In the Client Area is it possible to have a specific tab in the left hand menu where it then takes you to a list of your "access information" for each board - or at least make it a bit easier to find? Maybe it's just me but a few years ago it took me ages to find where I needed to enter this information as part of a support ticket and today I've experienced the same thing. It's not every year I need to go in there and I don't think it's in the most logical of locations to find it when I need to... Ted.
  11. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

      Now I have high hopes! :smile:   I must admit it is good to see you guys are working on improving and developing it further, its been needing work ever since it was implemented in to IP.Board as it's been my main gripe...   Ted.
  12. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    I think the term feature rich is a bit over used these days, my eyes start glazing over when I read the term being used in the first sentence. It's an editor!   I will be content if this one works correctly. Sick of copying and pasting stuff in to the editor and then posting only to find the formatting and line breaks are all broken. Not truly "what you see is what you get"...   Ted.
  13. Remove all reputation given by member

    I am here because I was searching for a similar thing. My board uses the positive/negative reputation system and I've had some clown give negative reputation scores to another member unnecessarily. It kind of takes away the meaning of the positive/negative reputation system because in its current form it is highly open to abuse. Possibly an improvement could be considered in IP.Board 4.0 release? Ted.
  14. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup

    Do people worry way too much about search engine results than the content and reputation? Ted.
  15. Why I CANNOT reach this board?!

    What is IPS doing with their board recently? Its either slow, offline or unreachable. It doesn't look good for any potential new customers if your board is up and down like a bridal nighty and its damn annoying for us members and visitors... :D Ted.