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  1. IPS Marketplace Update

    As already sugested, a filter for version compatibility would be good, as would an update check url :)
  2. Hi Mario, Oddly enough I heavily invested in WooCommerce last year, having bought most of the addons, its a fantastic ecommerce solution, which I use for other projects... but, so long as it doesn't offer the tie into IPB then I'm forced to stay with Nexus (which is far from a bad product its self) it just needs these additions, which come 4.0 and invision selling it as a stand alone product, they will need it (and quite a few other suggestions on here). Here's hoping for 4.0 anyway :) Jim
  3. IPS Social Suite (4.0)

    No idea what some of that means, but it sounds great :D
  4. Hi, The only thing I can do is post in this forum section I believe and hope its taken on board. This is one of probably 1000's of requests, so I understand things get prioritised. I see Mark has acknowledged the thread by liking it, so I look forward to a response in due course :) Crossing fingers.... Jim
  5. Hi, Having now used Nexus since day one and asked for this feature every year... I am now pleading! :) We sell Clothing, Merchandise and Show tickets. Merchandise has a 5 day turn around Clothing 25 Day Show Tickets are not sent until two weeks before the show, but can be purchased in some cases 6 months in advance In order for us to manage the volume of orders, we can't afford to leave them all sitting in the 'pending' shipping list in the AdminCP As it stands now, we have to mark clothing as shipped... this obviously sends out an email to the customer, confusing them. I have to edit the shipping email that is sent... but, that same email is used for other products, so the email content has to explained all the eventualities to the customer, too wordy and most then don't bother to read it all. The editing of the email is a pain and they have to be redone on upgrades. I cannot put into word how time consuming and frustrating this is, having put up with it for years now, we have constant emails and questions. My Request: Ability to create custom status, as many as we want. Attached to each status should be a text editor which allows the editing of the email content sent when that status is assigned. Each status should have the option to be assignable per product. In the AdminCP, the status should be able to be filtered based on the new custom ones created. The ability to mass select (tick boxes for random select) orders within a filter to mass change their status. Ability to assign tracking before shipping - We like to be able to assign a tracking number before its actually shipped in order to keep on top of everything, so the ability to assign a tracking number without changing a status or email being sent out. Possibly very specific to me, but in the 'View Shipping Order' screen, ability to mark the order as 'Printed' This now allows me to set a new custom status of "Ticket Order Received" which in turn sends an email to the customer acknowledging their order and providing a specific explanation of what happens next. Then come the day we sent out all the tickets, we can find them all via the specific filter they're sitting in, mass select them and change all their statuses to 'Shipped' which will email all the customers, along with their tracking number that was pre-assigned. I would envision this would mean a new screen 'Set Order Status'... or indeed the combination of the Transactions and Order Shipping screens, but with the ability to filter orders (like the pending and shipped option) and change their status etc I'm fairly confident anyone who sends out physical items via Nexus will find this crucial in providing both a streamlined process in the Admin side and a more professional communication method with the customers. I'd be more than happy to discuss this further with Invision Staff (Mark) and more than happy to be a test goat on a live board and very active. Regards Jim.
  6. I've only got one forum running 3.4, but thats a very good point. I think a language change is in order for 3.4.x
  7. This is the problem... apart from not know what the patch was for to double check if I was affected... I followed the instructions... ie upload the patch... but that hadn't solved it. It was the reply to my ticket that I subsequently made, that said I also needed to recache my skins and language files... hence this post? So is recaching part of the fix or only in some cases where just applying the patch isn't enough? Please don't think I am moaning for the sake of moaning, I just can't help but think I can't be the only person who was wondering what on earth was going on? I'm no coder, but running invision forums since 2004 I feel confident in what I'm doing. The main thing I am saying is, had I know what to look out for, ie what the patch was fixing, I could have checked after applying it... I would have found out there and then that it hadn't fixed it still, rather than days later and multiple posts from my members complaining. (I run five forums by the way and they were all affected). Jim
  8. Hi guys, I was one of X number affected by the recent security issue. I have no idea of the numbers affected. It was fantastic that you guys quickly addressed the issue with a security patch, but, why wasn't it made clear what the patch was actually doing? Also, why where there no instructions to explain that you need to recache all your skins and language files once applied? It not until the last few days when 1000's of my members have been affected that I realised I hadn't completed the patch. I've gone through these forums, finding some threads relating it removing suspicious files... however ended up having to file a support ticket. Surely thats a waste of your time had the info being available in the first place. I'm not sure if you don't say what the patch is doing for security reasons, but where possible for future patches, could it be mentioned why, along with additional steps to be taken? Regards Jim
  9. iPad Editor

    Yes its a shame and frustration that the iPad doesn't have this functionality still... lets hope so soon.
  10. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    With five sites, you've just made me very happy indeed... well done guys...
  11. I don't doubt this isn't the first time this has been suggested... and I'm sure the general response will be get it made as a modification addon... however... I believe the majority would make use of this. I have technical forums, whereby a member will post a question and tends to get a number of responses... usually at least one of these is sound advice, or actually provides the answer... it would be great for selected user groups and the OP to be able to click on a button to mark that post as 'Answered' or 'Solved' (or what ever word you wish to use)... That post is then both highlighted in a different colour and duplicated below the OP's first post, marked as the 'Answered Solution'. I've put it as a suggestion here as I believe this has a wider use in terms of peer to peer support and website admin support, of which most forums have a section. (Naturally I will be requesting for someone to produce this as a mod for now too) Jim
  12. Stop the CAPTCHA Madness!

    I have to be honest, some of the CAPTCHA's are awful to read the letters. Quite often, I'll have the 'older' generation of members contact me by email to say they can't register because of the 'thing you have to type into a box'.
  13. Fantastic :) Thanks for the reply Mark. Jim
  14. Hi, Nexus stores and reuses addresses automatically once the person has first entered their information... useful, but it causes problems as members do not remember to update their address and it never prompts them... some users have an automatic assumption that paypal addresses are used (I appreciate some might but we don't as the address is print from the nexus download of the order). So, my first request is that during the process of purchasing physical products, there is at least an option to switch on a 'Shipping Address Confirmation' step... whereby it automatically populates their address details, but allows it to be changed if incorrect via that screen, or indeed choose another one of their shipping addresses.... Which then takes me on the the option of being able to add more than one shipping address is always useful, some people like to be able to choose work over home for certain items. And finally, the Client Area... looking at the tabs... I feel 'Billing Information' isn't such a great description... maybe 'Shipping Address' or something along those lines is more suitable. If it was labelled Billing address for business purposes, then it means we need a new additional tab for shipping. Hope this can be seriously considered... I've 1000's of users of nexus and this is a regular issue. Regards Jim
  15. Another year on and whilst without a doubt there have been some excellent and important updates and improvements, there are still some I'd like to see as follows: (PS. I am aware how to do most of the following and have skinned or edited templates to achieve most of the below, but would like to see them as settings built in as standard) 1. Product Description text RTE box 2. Ability to manage (choose which ones do and don't get sent) and ability to edit invoices (rather than via languages) via AdminCP settings 3. Front/Home page to shop 4. Information Pages which can be linked to the home page... example... I have information about order to delivery turnaround... being able to create a page in Nexus and have a link on the home page 5. Set expiry date for a product to stop showing in the shop automatically (good for selling tickets that have a deadline) 6. Custom/Editable Order Status (as per this previous suggestion - HERE) 7. Ability to disable certain Client Area Tabs (e.g. I dont use the support feature as its too hidden and feels detached from the forums, alternative contacts is another one) 8. On Search Transaction Screen (default landing for nexus in adminCP) could we have the 'search customer' filter bar at the top Crossing fingers... Jim