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  1. Sorry not read the other comments, so one for that 'future development' to integrate it with Nexus, so when selling tickets link it to the calendar, after purchase, it automatically populates the RSVP list... that would be really handy :) As always, lovely developments guys... keep em coming! Jim
  2. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Advertisement Enhancements

    If an Admin creates an advert, is there a way to link the relevant user account to the advert? Currently, unless I've missed it there isn't.
  3. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Guest Support Requests

    I was wondering if you guys were going to do this :) You've expanded from a support system just for nexus customers, to a support system for all forum users/guests (I like to point the obvious out)... thats a great move, but I think it needs to be more accessible... At the moment, its hidden away in the nexus client area... Can an SEO 'forums/support' link be added.... that way, we can all optionally add a 'Support' / 'Contact Us' link on our boards. I run a contact us addon at the moment... its offers a feature that's extremely useful to me and I'm sure others... Upon selecting a chosen subject, for example, 'Sponsorship' - It will then add some additional fields that have to be completed, as setup by the admin using custom fields from drop down, input etc. If the above was done, I think you've effectively just created yet another important addon to IPB that I feel has been lacking, which is, a comprehensive 'contact us/support' system open to anyone who visit your board... the biggest bonus is the email reply support! I know for sure since installing a contact us system on my forums, its generated work yes, but its generated members I would have lost if they didn't have an easy way to contact me. Could my suggestions be considered in some way? Regards Jim
  4. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Charts & Graphs

    Well done guys, excellent feature I didn't even consider, but will use regularly :) Thanks Jim
  5. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Product Options

    Excellent work guys, really chuffed you've done this... and in the way you have... makes a very very flexible system. Just one comment... can you add the option to show stock per option... Thanks for your continued efforts on an already excellent product. Jim
  6. 'simply' update templates bits?! How on earth do I do that?

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    2. Paranormalis


      exactly my thoughts. Tell us what bits need to be updated. What is preventing us from logging in. Send us in the right direction and I am sure we can fix the issue.

    3. Amy T

      Amy T

      I see they updated the post in the news with the bit info.

    4. Jim


      Thanks for the instructions IPS :)

  7. IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: More Consistency

    It all looks great and no doubt major steps forward to making a plug and play system, but still so very much beyond my knowledge and understanding :( Could these templates, be it IPB Wrapper, or the one you've dropped not be something you still create but upload separately, that way, those who want to use them can?
  8. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    I assume you will need to purchase one copy/licence per site, therefore, is it possible to buy more than one copy? EDIT - Answered my own question, just need to wait a short while so the system doesn't think I'm accidentally making duplicate purchases.
  9. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Incoming Emails [Updated]

    Well done guys for acknowledging what everyone's been asking for. Credit to you. Thanks :)
  10. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Client Area

    Wolfie, yep that's correct. (whilst I would prefer the system to all be in one place) at least this way everything is linking together.
  11. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Client Area

    Is there any consideration to cross link "My Settings" and "Client Area" together? As IPB grows, so is the amount of settings, its bad enough getting people to click on my settings, let alone explain where settings are in there... by adding the 'client area' in a separate location (which I'm 50/50 split on the idea) its creating yet another place members need to go to. It would be useful if "Client Area" appeared as a tab in My Settings, but linked to the relevant page... vice versa also... As I've typed this, I feel it should all be in one central area under 'my settings', but I do appreciate I have no idea of the workings behind the scenes, so no doubt easier said than done! Regards Jim
  12. time to get rid of some domain names... 56 of them is a little extreme

  13. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Storefront

    Hi, Its actually really difficult thinking of ways to create a navigation menu. Here's my suggestion:
  14. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Storefront

    Very please to see a simple, clean layout with obvious buttons, so refreshing to see. very well done guys. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the category menu, based on the screenshot, visually it isn't all that obvious which is top level (apart from using common sense which some lack) some kind of visual separator (be it bold, lines, background colour etc), or ajax extension when you click on a top level to reveal sub levels would be good, especially as you could end up with a very long category list pending number of products. Very please to see a good use of the checkout system, along with the step by step meter along the top. Really impressed :)