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  1. 4.0 - Email templates

    This is in a completely different league to 1.x 2.x and 3.x
  2. Test status update

  3. IPB Responsive by IPS Themes

    The biggest selling point of this hook, is that it provides fully functioning profiles, something the IP.Board mobile skin doesn't offer.    Great job!
  4. IP.Gallery usability flaws

    Facebook A/B test a lot and despite users complaining every time something changes, Facebook is very user friendly and logical. If I were in charge of remodelling the gallery app, I'd certainly be looking at Facebook.
  5. IP.Gallery usability flaws

    Hi guys, we have a rather large gallery that over the years has become a little messy. I've been working on cleaning it up and in the process found what I consider to be some usability issues. The biggest issue is with private/public folders. On the folder creation screen, there is a radio button that specifies "Public album: Checking this box will allow other users to view your album." However, it's not possible to uncheck it. I then realised, there is only a single category that allows members to create private folders. Though it's not clear to the user at this point in the process, that the members category offers private folder functionality. Even if the user selects the special category, the Public album radio button is still not functional, it still cannot be turned off. So the only way a member can then make a folder private is to edit it. This is assuming they've even figured out private folders are even possible. The topic of our website is acne, and so many users like to keep their pictures private or between their friends. This has resulted in literally everything being dumped in to that one folder. So whether its pictures of scars, acne, progress logs, it's all dumped in that one category because it offers privacy options. The obvious and logical way for this to work, would be for the user to be able to select the privacy level of the folder upon creation, regardless of the category they want to upload to. There are many more usability problems aside from this, but I'd like to focus on a single problem for now.
  6. follow twitter

    From the album Test

  7. How to install Sphinx with IPB

    Hello, I successfully installed sphinx 2.0.1-beta (Apr 2011) over IP.Board 3.2.2 and build indexes of Forum, Gallery and Blog. Unfortunately, I cant find how to build index of Members. There is no such option in configuration file that is offered by IPB. It is takes up to 10-15 seconds to find a member and it is really annoying for moderators. Can somebody provide the sample of sphinx.conf that will create the index of Members? Any link to relevant topic would be really helpful!