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  1. Charles added a post in a topic Proration of Addon Services if core is active   

    Yes it should already do this for you.
  2. Charles added a blog entry in IPS News   

    Month in Review - August 2015
    Much like last month, August has been all about performance and stability. We are happy to report that most clients are telling us things are running well and we are getting caught up on our support volume. It's nice to be back to much better response times to your questions!
    So nothing too exciting to report for August but really necessary work being done. That's August... but then there's September...
    We have a whole lot in store for you in September. Behind the boring scenes of bug fixing and stability improvements we have been preparing a whole lot of changes. You might want to follow our Blog here as we will be announcing, over the next few days, some exciting news like improvements to our CiC (Community in the Cloud) service, special renewal promotion for existing clients, and a feature-release (rather than just stability focus) nearing completion.
    Thanks for sticking around through the quiet summer months of 2015. We were not resting or on vacation and cannot wait to show you all the new things we have in store for IPS Community Suite 4! Keep an eye on our blog here or our Release Notes section.
  3. Charles added a post in a topic The New CKEditor annoyance   

    I personally like the new Firefox interface. I really like the right click menu.
  4. Charles added a post in a topic The New CKEditor annoyance   

    Do I detect adaptation to change? Next you will be upgrading Firefox!
  5. Charles added a post in a topic The New CKEditor annoyance   

    I get the impression you're a touch anti-change
  6. Charles added a post in a topic IPS neglecting customer   

    The only email I see you have open to us is a request you made about a Marketplace purchase. We will get back to you on that of course but I don't see anything else.
  7. Charles added a post in a topic Where can I see see what I've bought here?   

    You can reach it here:

    Or here:

  8. Charles added a blog entry in IPS News   

    Month in Review - July 2015
    Everyone at IPS has been working hard to continue development on our new IPS Community Suite 4 platform. We have been getting great feedback from clients and are looking forward to implementing your ideas as we keep moving forward.
    Most of July was spent with a focus on stability of version 4.0. As with any new platform there is a lot to learn and address once it gets out into real world use. Stability realeases are not very exciting and do not make for a fun blog entry  but we have fixed hundreds of bugs with each maintenance release and continue to keep that as our focus. Clients are reporting that things are greatly improving and we are happy to hear that! Of course there are always some issues but the majority are running great.
    So that's really it for July. I know, it's seems like not much but it's actually tons of work from our team to keep getting things better each day. But don't worry! We have some exciting new features in the works that will be introduce in August so do keep watching and keep letting us know you feedback. 
  9. Charles added a post in a topic Auto detect mentions   

    I don't think I would auto-tag but perhaps we can do a suggested like "Did you mean to tag X?" and let people click to say yes.
  10. Charles added a post in a topic Better Controls for the Nav Menu - Let us re-order freely   

    We are working on improved menu management in a future release
  11. Charles added a post in a topic IPB version on this site   

    Right now it's 4.0.12
  12. Charles added a release in Release Notes
    This release primarily focuses on stability with many bug fixes from both tickets and the bug tracker. Among dozens of other fixes, important fixes include:
    Multiredirect is changed to use base64-encoded data as upgrader was failing on certain hostsCustomizable topic/post feed widgets not storing preferencesSome reports of issues with insert/embed images into postsEmail notifications do not work for commerce, which also results in purchases not getting marked paid/approved automatically (this only happened when you had extra cc/copy email addresses specified for emails)We are working on big improvements to our Search system but, until those are ready, we have made two small changes to make search a bit more pleasant: date will be default sort order and words will be searched using AND logic rather than OR logic.
    Version released to address issues with form input validation and security updates.
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  13. Charles added a post in a topic Posting sql examples here denied   

    The firewall blocks some things it thinks might be dangerous.
  14. Charles added a post in a topic CKEditor css   

    We are changing all that in a future release to make it easier to do.
  15. Charles added a post in a topic 4.0.11 - Custom CSS   

    I'm not really sure what to say if you refuse to let us help you