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    This is a maintenance release to fix common issues reported from 4.1.3. Many issues were fixed and performance enhancements introduced. New option to allow Menu Manager items to open in new browser tab Image proxy feature can now cache images locally Update for Fixes an issue with saving certain group settings Fixes an issue with upgrading Commerce
  2. Automatic Upgrader Failing

    Version 4.1 of IPS Community Suite introduced a new, automatic upgrade system that could download and apply updated files to your community when we release a new version. On some server setups this system is not able to automatically apply file updates for various reasons including file permissions, ownership, or PHP configuration options. If the automatic upgrader cannot apply the file updates, it will prompt you to manually download the updates and upload them. In this case there is no need to submit a support ticket as the system is working as intended. It encountered a problem, stopped, and asked you to manually do the upload just you did in previous versions. This is what it is designed to do so it does not cause issues on your site. We are currently working on optional fallback methods, including FTP/SCP, for when systems cannot do the file replacements directly. These changes will be in 4.1.4 but it's important to note that you must first upgrade to 4.1.4 to get those enhancements so you will not see any improvements until 4.1.5 or beyond. Even with various approaches there may still be cases where you are not able to use the automatic upgrade system and, in that case, you always have access to the simple, manual upload option.
  3. This will be resolved in 4.1.5.
  4. No response for 3 days

    It does not make sense to hire more staff for events that happen once or twice a year. As always, if your issue is critical just mark it as such and we will reply promptly.
  5. This is not about renewals it's about security. We are not going to apologize for being proactive with security   Other providers are not as proactive as we are and you see what happens to them.
  6. Are you referring to the notice about security updates? Yes there is no way to dismiss that automatically. You could be editing the theme of course but it is of course not wise to bury your head in the sand when it comes to security updates.
  7. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    I personally think us being very proactive about encouraging security updates is a really good thing. Back in the 3.x days it was not nearly that apparent. Now you always know if you're missing out on an important update.
  8. All you should have to do is paste the URL in on its own line and press enter. If that's not working please submit a ticket so we can have a look. 
  9. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    This is not true. Please do not spread false information. No files can be deployed on your server without your knowledge.
  10. Still no 4.1 converters available

    A beta version of the IPS4 direct converters is now available:  

    This is a maintenance release to fix common reported issues. Some changes also include: Mass import and exporting of members We have started making adjustments to account for MySQL 5.7 changes to GROUP BY Worked around a bug in MySQL that was causing core_notifications table to crash Warning reasons fixed AWS S3 file storage fixed on some hosts Adjustment for search minimum length  
  12. PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?

    I explained the reasons for different page speed scores on pages with UGC in my post above.
  13. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    Yes that is the approach we will take.
  14. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    Yes this is a function of MySQL's search. It's all up to how you configure your server.
  15. If you are experiencing any bugs please post a ticket for help or post a bug in the bug tracker. In looking at your account @openfire I see no open bug reports and I do see that you have since submitted a ticket for help. Posting a topic here will never get you help but that ticket will have someone resolve your issue. I am happy to see you enjoy the software and I hope these two bugs you are experiencing get sorted out.