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  1. I am sorry you did not take time to investigate the entire feature set or do a test upgrade before upgrading your live site. As you have worked for software in 15 years, I am sure you know that things often change in software over time and it is always wise to perform due diligence before any major change.
  2. I do not have a clear answer to that as it depends on what you are doing. There is a beta of 4.1 available if you want to try it.
  3. Are streams working?

    Same thing  it's rebuilding now.
  4. Are streams working?

    We are testing a rebuild of the search index on this site so you might be missing some older content for a bit.
  5. is quick

    4.1 is quicker than too
  6. 4.1 looks very good

    We were talking this morning in a meeting about our timeline actually. We're considering releasing toward end of October instead of early as we are really fixing a lot of bugs and want to keep that pace up We will let everyone know soon what we decide.
  7. 4.1 looks very good

    Thanks for posting
  8. Discouraging

    You were asking questions about 4.1's feature set literally the same day we revealed it even existed. I'm sorry we didn't reply about it but every single person was on the preview site asking a thousand questions about 4.1 and that's where we were answering them
  9. Docs and Copyright Field

    Version 4.1 is feature complete at this point so no new features will be added. We will have more docs available when 4.1 is released.
  10. Discouraging

    It's been that way since 2002 Our staff replies in the pre-sales forum when others do not assist but we generally let clients answer prospective buyer's questions to get input from someone other than a staff person. People like that first hand knowledge. In this case it was not really a pre-sales question anyway. The poster is already a client and was asking about 4.1 features which is not something the sales staff would be able to answer anyway.
  11. Discouraging

    You can always email if you have questions before you purchase. Topics in pre-sales forum are designed to be a peer-to-peer area.
  12. 3.5.x series

    We do not really support niche technology. 
  13. Topic Description for IPS 4.x

    We do not plan on adding "topic descriptions" in the software. They were removed in early versions of 4.0 over 2 years ago and we have had very little interest in them.
  14. A few were but we're still fine tuning the interface and algorithms so we will update more tomorrow.
  15. Google cannot index any content not visible to Guests. For example, it could not index our Client Lounge or Technical Support forums here.