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  1. Anybody else want an upgraded Storefront?

    yea i was thinking the same thing myself, but you know what the developers are going to say right? show us some examples to give them a general idea, so here's one example to start off with "Sample", which i'm in the process of upgrading that to a more jazzy look and feel once i get down the generals on how to safely upgrade it, so if you have any examples then post them so they know roughly what your asking for yes but other than that best of luck
  2. Recurring Payments

    ok i appreciate what you are trying to do and help, so i'll lay all the cards out on the table, here's my clients main site now pay particular attention to the way the system is setup, and how the payment options are laid out and tell me this can be done exactly the same way in nexus? if not, then i'll just bin it as its of no use to me at all based on the fact that it's telling me that i do not have any servers listed to use it for hosting, and i cannot see any options apart from advertisement selling, so, if the developer of Nexus can pull off not only the recurring payment plan system but also the main block management system along the top of that main home page, then and only then i'll consider keeping on Nexus, but otherwise by the looks of it, i may have to ditch this system sorry but thats the way many of us feel especially myself, when you compare both nexus and the one i was thinking of losing so it's the developers call
  3. Recurring Payments

    ok i'll give it to you straight, i have a client which is a designer of porcelain figures but her costs make it somewhat difficult for more everyday householders to purchase custom made figures outright, so, she has asked me the big burning question, "is there anyway to create either a recurring payment plan - or a layaway payment option through Nexus" if so, how? well my questions is can this be added or done through Nexus at all? i'll leave that over to you guy's to come up with something
  4. multiple select options for Lightbox

    thanks brandon it was just a thought that was all, well anyway that same script is on one of my clients stores and the store is acting up so i might actually be putting nexus forward as an alternative but we'll see how it goes,
  5. you know guy's ever thought of using this as another option for gallery previewing at all? this also could work with the main forum, downloads marketplace, and nexus, just a thought, so what do you guy's think?
  6. Paypal Subscription only

    if you are referring to weekly or monthly recurring payments then you can find that under "Pricing" "Renewels" just state what time duration and cost and it should work but if your referring to auto paypal recurring payments then i cannot see that in the nexus panel myself, but i'm sure you can set that up at paypal side, other than that, you might want to submit a ticket to the main team that designed the system and see what they can make of what your requesting Note, After second look myself "yes under Payment Gateway", Paypal there are 2 radio buttoms 1 saying activate gateway and 2 Enable PayPal Subscriptions Support?, now is that the answer you were looking for/ if so, then ignore the rest of this post if not, then refer to post
  7. IP Nexus

    thanks mate, thats all i needed to know, so in the meantime, i'll wait till approval and take it from there.
  8. IP Nexus

    hi i've just placed an order for the nexus addon but it's still showing pending could one of you guy's check in to the matter for me please thanks
  9. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    well if you really want to see an example of what CCS is and what it does then i'm working on one as we speak it can be found here as for the forums there's no immediate plans for that but if push comes to shove then i may use it but for now have a look anyway. oh note: it may look alittle light for the next few day's but that's because i'm grabbing information and integration codes to link into it
  10. ProMenu Basic