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  1. The Gamers Force added a post in a topic Anyone willing to show off yet?   

    It's nothing special yet, we just made a template based off our forum skin, just starting to move some content onto a few pages, feel free to look at it.

    CSS is in the pages through blocks along with the navbar.
  2. The Gamers Force added a post in a topic Is CCS Demo available?   

    Our demo system is currently full. We limit the number of active demo accounts on our system so all users can experience good response times from their demo account. Accounts are refreshed constantly so please try again later

    That didnt take long :ermm:
  3. The Gamers Force added a post in a topic Big project : Facebook chat bar   

    You could make it so we get notifications in the corner when someone replies to a topic we subscribed to with a bubble with a number in it (w00t)