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  1. Formatting

    same with default skin :(
  2. Formatting

    ermm was kinda hoping this would be fixed in todays update but guess not?
  3. Formatting

  4. Formatting

    Hi guys, can someone explain why the format is like this:- Seems to depend on what size image is added? Is there a easy fix? Paul
  5. List of Issues

    Any more advise on the other numbers??
  6. List of Issues

    That would be great :)
  7. List of Issues

    Thanks Charles, but i dont see them has bugs (working as intended) but just improvements / ideas Paul
  8. List of Issues

    Thanks, do you just insert the tag on the part you dont want to see? Paul
  9. List of Issues

    Rather than starting several topics i thought i would list all my issues in one thread. Hope someone can help. 1. When i add a description into a item and then dispay it, some of the text appears under the picture box and some at the side. This also causes unsightly problems with the options and add to cart line. 2. Is there any way when you click on a catagory it will open a html page first and then list the items. Even if we could put some HTML at the top of the box and list the items underneath. 3. Is there a way of removing the descriptions from the overview page or maybe having a + to show more details. Some of my items have long descriptions and it pushes everything down the page. 4. Can i make a certain forum group get discount? 5. Can you add more than one image to a item? Hope these can be done or maybe added to a future list of improvemnts. Thansk in advance Paul
  10. New Mobile skin coming soon

    Still awaiting this :)
  11. PHP shopping cart / client area?

    I purchased Sacred marketplace when 1st released and its great works very well and all our members like it. If you want a full feature enriched application then this is the one. Well worth the money :) Paul