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  1. Make notification emails beautiful

    that works cool thanks my emails look great now
  2. Make notification emails beautiful

    Well I wasn't sure since the code calls the board url like this: href="{$settings['board_url']}">{$settings['board_name']}</a> Since it is a href I though it would make it it one.. But no link
  3. Make notification emails beautiful

  4. Make notification emails beautiful

    I thought I would bring up the old topic instead of opening another one. My question is I read above under "Look&Feel/Manage System Templates" and I see the email wrapper. If I wanted to change the shade on the html email around the title of the what forum the email is coming from to darkorange background from the light blue and make the font white in the title. Can I also add my logo though the template set up with an img scr reference?
  5. I am in a slightly older version of IP content and I know people have asked why there is no way to mass delete articles but can you drop the table entries from phpmyadmin without breaking anything? What would the table entry be called?
  6. IPB Cancelling Perpetual Licenses - Confirmed!

    I just tried that and got a "Not such a great" response. I did reply though in kind :thumbsup:
  7. IPB Cancelling Perpetual Licenses - Confirmed!

    I can submit one for sales and billing just not technical support. I will take your suggestion though thanks
  8. IPB Cancelling Perpetual Licenses - Confirmed!

    I have a lifetime license but when I went now to open a ticket there is no place for me to select technical support. What do you suggest I do here? It says 20.00 Dollar renewal fee? huh? So I am still confused here Thanks
  9. My account and the password changing

    Well at least someone would have responded. Wow not sure but I am tired of my account just stopping or my password being changed when i didnt change it. No feedback as to why either. I sent an email to client services and no response either.
  10. First off I sent an email to the main client account information email address. This is the third time I have had to either go back and reset m account and change my password and it wasnt because of me changing it or someone else trying to get into my account. I havent seen anyone else complain about this but it seems this whole account on this forum and it being tied to your client area log in is messed up. And any time you make changes there is a break in something. This time I didnt change anything I just came to forum and tried logging in and sure enough password was invalid and no it wasnt me typing in error and when I sent another password when I clicked the link I got an error in the link. I am starting to wonder who and what is making changes on my account. I would like to understand this issue. Also some feedback when I got this error last week trying to reset my password with a bad URL in the email it left me with no way to post anything. I would suggest allow a guest posting area that is controlled so people dont have to bog the site down with usless log in credentials. A simple locked down forum would be appreciated. when we cant log in and then there isnt a need to create another bogus account just for the sake of trying to reach someone or post an issue. I obviously was able to today request a reset but as to why I needed to is concerning.
  11. This may be an easy mod but

    That is why I posted it in the IP Chat forum :cool:
  12. This may be an easy mod but

    The custom sidebars works good but I am looking for one that specifically will let me use it on the IP Chat page. This works on portal and board index.
  13. I have a sports site and we watch games and talk about them. Is there way to add a empty sidebar option for us to use to populate streaming sites or video on the page we are chatting from? I think that would be a nice option.
  14. LDAP / Active Directory 3.0 questions

    BFarber: What about that last question? Have you guys ever though of using this for workflow? I am replacing a workflow process in our unit which I think you are even familar with CVG. ;-) I think this tool could be modified very easily to be used for that. Any thoughts ?