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  1. Ajax quick reply

    Well, i wouldnt say unnecessary. I have seen the feature in xenforums and loved it.
  2. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    I love jQuery, should we wait 2 years (approx) to see in ipb?...
  3. ip.content question

    thanks Chris, i bought it looks promising content system :)
  4. ip.content question

    Hi, ive tried to buy ip.content but i cant buy it. i am clicking on this: and cant remove ip.board standard. i already bought ip.board and now i want only ip.content. as second question: my ipboard is in mydomain .com /forum/ folder, can i use ip.content as home page, like this: www . mydomain .com /index.php ?
  5. What would you like for v3.2?

    tags and jquery would be awesomely awesome!
  6. Wishlist for v3.2

    1. 2. Jquery 3. Jquery 4. Jquery 5. xhtml valid skin
  7. All Updates shows only todays status updates? Cant we set to last 3 days or something?

  8. Hey Niko :)
    hope to see ya in gta5

  9. Ajax quick reply

    Personally, i would love to see this in ipb.
  10. make popular star sign to topic list

    is it possible to list "popular" tagged topics? last 30 days, last 6 months etc?
  11. Convert vb to ipb3.1

    Can anyone give an approximate ETA? 3-4 weeks? 1-2 months? I just need a clue about it. I know you guys are not tend to give any date but maybe an approximate date? in april? may?
  12. Convert vb to ipb3.1

    Hi all, I was waiting 3.1 to come online and finally we saw it today as beta. I think active members will be able to download it soon. Should i buy the license soon and convert my vbull forums to ipb3.1 beta? Converters are ready? Convert to beta software is recommended?
  13. if i buy ipb now then can i download 3.1 beta1?

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    2. AnthonyKinson


      you can download it as soon as it becomes available providing you have an active license :)

    3. Stuart 4

      Stuart 4

      not yet maybe in a few weeks

    4. Rikki


      When it is available, yep. Right now it's only in preview on these forums :)