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  1. Hello,I remembered I saw it somewhere but couldn't find it. What's the recommended system requirements of 4.0? php, mysql, ioncube loader, zend loader, php accelerator, etc.Thanks!
  2. Tutorials for IP.Content?

    Thanks, bfarber. I understand IPS is focused on 4.0 and I can wait. I guess some of the IP.Content users need is a step by step to connect up all the IP.Content elements. I don't know how many ppl purchased IP.Content, maybe IPS can start a survey at a convenient time to know how many IP.Content users are stricked at the beginning.
  3. Tutorials for IP.Content?

    Thanks for the links, bfarber. But all the 3 links seems only introduce the elements of IP.Content, which are separate here and there and a little pale for beginners. It would be much better if the tutorial goes on with a real project, like how to create a telephone book or a Bug Tracker or Fixed Assets register system, etc. with IP.Content. I believe there is a group of ppl who needs such a taken up to excite their creativities.
  4. Thank you, Dmacleo, It seems a good solution. I will have a try. :thumbsup:
  5. The content I want to protect is the company security rules and work flow, which can be shown to the company partners who come to our company and connect to our LAN, but they can not copy it away. In other hands, I want to increase the difficulty to do fast copy.
  6. Tutorials for IP.Content?

    Hi m8s, Are there any tutorials for IP.Content now? Thanks.
  7. Maybe not as serious as the 'Advanced_Encryption_Standard', but I guess IPS can use some features by adding layer above or disable mouse function to prevent illegal copy or generate an encrypted text by some algorithm based on user customized text strings. It would be good enough if most ppl can not decode it.
  8. Will IPS release IP.Content Tracker?

    Hello... Suggest IPS making a tutorial before 4.0 released.
  9. Hello, Hope there would be a 'Protection' option when we submit or edit an article. Sometimes it's very important for some content that not allowed being copied, and even in the source code, the protected text are still encoded unreadable. This feature would help a lot. Many thanks.
  10. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    Sounds great.   But as for the sample "一、二、三" I am afraid it's Chinese.
  11. Can not access the Client Area

    It seems loading very slow, other pages than Client Area load normally. btw, does IP.Content contain some content which need something like an online autherization with IPS? My IP.Content sometimes open very fast and sometimes open very slow but other app like blog and gallery, etc, always open fast. When IP.Content page loaded very slow and finally loaded, the page seems a little weird, looks like no <p> or no <br> effects on every thing. While when it opened very fast, the IP.Content pages seem normal.
  12. Hello, I can not access the Client Area, but I can access the community. Is it still the DDOS attack from China?
  13. oops, what happened to this topic... maybe I should ask for the IP.Content tutorial directly at the beginning. btw, special thanks to Rimi for the tutorial link, hope IPS can write a little bit more.
  14. So... Are there any tutorials for IP.Content? A few samples (pages + database) would help a lot.