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  1. Oops

  2. IP.Downloads 2.5 Dev Update: More Download Controls

    Finally! We can have an amazing download component in IPB. Thanks, bfarber.
  3. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    Gooooooood News! Bought it!
  4. IP.Nexus First Pre-Sale

    What a pity... I watched this project for years and I got asleep last night... Beijing time...
  5. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Processing Orders

    How well does the Nexus support CNY? Hope Nexus support Alipay. http://market.alipay.com/ospay/aboutAlipay/alibabaGroupCompetitiveEdge.html
  6. bug

    This is the first version of the Final Fantasy XIII for the Bouncy XBox LIVE Application for IP.Board v3
  7. error

    Test text Google
  8. IPB 3.1.0: Centralized License Key

    I suggest IPS to do something for the copyright removal users, like the users can costomize the copyright information in the ACP directly instead of editing the source codes in and before version 3.0.5, etc. Thanks.
  9. IPB 3.1: Search Engine Optimization

    Hope 3.1 support Chinese search well.
  10. IP.Gallery 3.1.0 Preview

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood job.
  11. F-F-F-f*** the police comin' straight from the underground....... haha, sorry dude, but i saw your stats and thought that'd be freakin hilarious to post. :) and HOLY crap, you NEVER had white castle? duuuuude........white castle is godly....

  12. Wanted by the Police

  13. string

    JS error of 3.0.4
  14. IP.Content 1.1.0 Beta 2 available

    What is the 'dynamic pages ("on the fly")'? Thanks.
  15. First Look: IP.Content 1.1.0

    Good news! Is it possible to make the article system multi-pages? Thanks.