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  1. Gallery -> Tools

    Oh and this page at the bottom refer users to the "Getting Started Guide" page, also non existant.
  2. Gallery -> Tools

    Hi guys. I was going through some documentation to see if I can give it to others to use and found this.This page in DOCUMENTATION talks about a directory : Admin CP (Admin CP --> My Apps --> Gallery --> Tools With the latest version, the page is in a different location. Should that Document be updated.
  3. I've been looking at this in the background with the IPS tech's and we could not find a "workable solution" for what I need. My scenario / Nexus request.Background info The organization holds events throughout the year. Some events require those that want to enter to be Members of the organization to enter, some events are open to "all". Each event uses its own website for registration and information since different sponsors, sponsor different events. So we have to keep it separate. People register for an event on the "events website" and I re-direct them after registration.For events "open to all": after registration I just re-direct the user to the "Event package" on the forum to pay. No Problem.For Events "requiring membership: "Current Members" just buy the event package from the store after registration and re-directed to the package in the store. Non members must buy BOTH Membership + Event package. Problem: I have "membership Package" enabled on Registration. This prevents me from "Associating the package", thus preventing somebody to buy Both Membership & Event at the same time. I can not leave it up to the user to: register on the forum, buy membership package, then buy event package. It must be done (forced) into "one" package. (I'm sure many out there will tell you that some users have a hard time locating their keyboard, forget trying to get them to the store/client area.) So if I could "associate packages" for "visitors" in the store AND maintain the package on the Registration, it will solve this problem. Forums used to be a place where mostly Tech savvy people would chat and discuss. NEXUS placed the "forum" in a whole new spectrum. (And I LOVE it). But it comes with challenges because a "store" opens it all up to "the public" and not just tech savvy users. Out of our 4000+ users on this specific board, I would say 100 (MAYBE) can find the "Client Area" without assistance. So the more we can "Simplify" the "End user" interaction, the better we make NEXUS. I can see how this can be used in multiple applications for others out there that will require more than one package. Even the "Domain" sites offer bundles for different "specials". If you read this and see this as something you could benefit from, please "+" it or comment. Feel free to ask if I need to explain anything better. This is not a "random request", guys like Andy & Jason knows I do all I can to debug or solve before I ask. Thanks Willem