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  1. IPS 4.0 Design wishlist

    Pretty sure ADKGamers was being sarcastic :).
  2. IPS support

    With the addition of 'Robert Marcher' to support. That adds tremendous value to for the support dept.
  3. Where is the development of the mobile skin?

    The technology is quite simple, http://responsivedesign.ca/ . That is an example, just drag your window and make it smaller to see what it does.
  4. Free license for developer

    Hosted files are encoded though.
  5. Better lightbox

    I'm confused what you linked us was a screenshot of a slider / slideshow. Is that what you are referring to?
  6. How about Android app for IPS community suite

    If they stopped developing for an iPhone app I highly doubt an Android one is coming. As we all know iPhone > :lol: .
  7. The question is why is Lindy #3?
  8. Invision Going Downhill

    I should offer a hand holding service.
  9. I think having Rikki create a visual diagram of the license system for visual learners would be a good idea.
  10. access to old versions

    Ask the client to provide screenshots of the skin if they could. Or, have it on their site. I don't see a need for you to install it.
  11. Failed when i bought IPB?

    That's only if you were going to start using the license for another setup, like if you started a new forum you'd have to remove the old setup first. In your case you should be okay, since it was just a typo in the URL.
  12. IPS Converter Updated and Switch Promotion

    I'm offering some conversion services now if anyone is in need.
  13. ACP - Cotton Candy | Suite 4

    The color scheme doesn't both me at all, the usability aspect of it is more important.
  14. IP.Converge, source?

    What do you need it for? Wouldn't IP.Connect do what you need?
  15. Securing your community

    Relaying to my clients, thanks Lindy.