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  1. If you upgrade 3.x to 4.1, relational fields are preserved. We removed the code that removed the data in 4.0.
  2. Remember that the PHP text parser will clean a lot of the HTML up. We use HTMLPurifier to remove unwanted styles, javascript, etc.
  3. IPB Staff

    Thank you for posting, we do appreciate it.  
  4. Exporting Pages templates is coming in a near future release.
  5. Pages: Promote to Article

    Do you always just promote the first post, or do you promote random posts through the topic? I'm just trying to understand this feature better.
  6. Pages: Promote to Article

    Do you use the "copy" feature or the "move" feature?
  7. This has already been fixed for the next version.
  8. It sounds like you need a simple, clear and high contrast theme more than a print view. Perhaps one of our themers could point you in the right direction, or maybe you could persuade one to create such a thing?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This simple hook adds an incremented post counter that is clickable to each post.


  10. @Mr 13 We love your doodles, you've made us all laugh this morning. In a good way too. Thanks!
  11. Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade

    Why dislike the post? Doing a test upgrade on a copy of your live database is always good idea - especially when dealing with major versions.
  12. Activity Stream does not update

    Do you really want it polling your server every few minutes to update? (The answer is no :))
  13. I don't follow - what are you asking for?
  14. Yes, you're correct actually. This looks to be an oversight. I'll add it to the list.
  15. This should now be fixed on here.