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  1. Post this in the contributor forum so I don't forget and we'll look into it in a near release.
  2. Edit restrictions per app please

    Sometimes we agree with the feedback, but have to schedule it in a future release. Sometimes we might have bigger changes planned which take into account feedback such as this. Your points are valid, and noted.
  3. Image options in ACP

    Some good feedback here, thanks.
  4. The way the suite works now is that you can quote replies. It just so happens that a topic is an empty container and the first post is a 'reply' (aka comment). With Blog and Pages, the content item has content itself, which is not a comment so the quote button is not present. I do not disagree with your point, of course, but it's a fair change to add in.
  5. Search still needs to be a focus

    Thousands of dollars you say.....
  6. Yeah. I do see your point and I've thought this now and again. However, one might temporarily assign a new value to a setting (although this would be a bad habit to get into) and you may not want it being saved.
  7. Switching form HTML to Page Builder

    You cannot do this presently. It's quite a difficult thing to do as the page builder uses special containers on the page for widgets whereas a HTML page can be made up of any code you add, so it would not be a simple case of switching between the two. We'd need to find a way to move all your code into widgets and that would be quite a task to achieve!
  8. Protected forums display "no posts"

    Yes, my apologies. I didn't understand the scope of the report and took it as face value. When we close a report, please do reply to it with any further information or if you think we are wrong to close it. The bug reports are not locked when they show 'closed', so you can reply if you have more information or feel you can make your point clearer to us.
  9. If you need to opt in, you get skewed data so we decided not to bother.
  10. Missing Features? IPB 4.1.x

    Which group permissions are you missing?
  11. Windows or Mac?

    I hear Microsoft are having a big summer blow out.
  12. Activity Steam Opt-out

    I suggest that you do not follow little kids in a van rather than follow little kids in a van and try to hide it.
  13. SSL and IPS Cloud Community

    Just to clarify, 4.1 offers an SSL proxy too. But I think the issue is with the file system. We'll take a look at the ticket and let you know.
  14. Disable content embedding

    We could add this, but it wouldn't be retroactive due to the way the post data is saved. So, for example, you might disable it today but that would not affect all the posts made to date. Likewise, if you switched it back on, it wouldn't update existing posts to embed them.
  15. SSL and IPS Cloud Community

    Check your File Storage settings to ensure the URL begins with https://. There's also an image proxy setting to serve 3rd party images via your own URL to ensure they don't break the green SSL badge. Submit a support ticket and we'll get it sorted for you.