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  1. Rare wrong date in quotes

    Hi, I'm the language author. I've checked it In the language string time_hours_ago which was {# [1:hour][?:hours]} ago I translated as Hace # [1:hora][?:horas]} when it had to be Hace {# [1:hora][?:horas]} I missed the { I'm uploading a new translation for v4.0.12.1 with this error corrected...  
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Aquí està la traducció completa al català d'IPS Community Suite v4.0.6.1 Inclou les següents aplicacions: ¡¡¡ACP complet!!!FòrumsSistemaPagesBlogsCalendarGalleryDownloadsXat  Vídeo que ens mostra com instal·lar un nou idioma a IPS v4   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sQCaDLn8AI   Suport a http://InvisionHispano.com o a http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/415342-complete-catalan-language-package-v4-paquet-didioma-català-complet-v4/   /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- Here you have the IPS Community Suite v4.0.6.1 complete catalan translation. It includes the following applications Complete ACP!!!ForumSistemaPagesBlogsCalendarDownloadsChat  Video showing how to install a new language in IPS v4   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sQCaDLn8AI   Support in http://InvisionHispano.com  or in http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/415342-complete-catalan-language-package-v4-paquet-didioma-català-complet-v4/  


  3. But, do they plan to add?
  4. Search option

    Wish they include soon and it was as in the past...
  5. Search option

    Hi, It would be nice to be able to define the options of Search in ACP... For example, if you were browsing a forum in v3.4.7 by default the Search was done IN that forum and not in ALL forums like now which waste time and resources, and give results no so accurate as it was in the past... The same happens when you make a search in Downloads...   If you think it is better by this way, it would be useful to let Admins choose in ACP if we want the actual system or the old system...   Thanks
  6. Hi, It would be perfect to be able to translate only one application at a time instead of having to translate the whole applications all mixed... Also you can add the ability to search by application, that means to add the ability to search by the field called Source...     Thanks
  7. Version 1.0.4


    Esta es la traducción al español completa de IPS Community Suite v4.1.3.2 (también hay versiones anteriores disponibles) Incluye las siguientes aplicaciones: ¡¡¡ACP completo!!! Foros Sistema Pages Blogs Calendar Gallery Downloads Chat ¡¡¡Ahora puedes disfrutar de una traducción con garantías!!! Tienes la garantía de nuestra experiencia realizando traducciones y nuestra experiencia gestionando foros con Invision desde hace más de 10 años lo que nos permite conocer el sentido de las frases a traducir. Con el apoyo de los usuarios / webmasters que colaboran asiduamente con Invision Hispano iremos actualizando el paquete con aquellos errores que se puedan detectar tanto en el Front-End como en el ACP. Video que nos muestra cómo instalar un nuevo idioma en IPS v4   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sQCaDLn8AI Acuérdate de renombrar el fichero descargado a Español (ESP).xml Soporte en http://InvisionHispano.com   o en http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/410506-paquete-de-idioma-español-completo/   /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- This is the IPS Community Suite v4.1.3.2 (there are also older versions) complete spanish translation. It includes the following applications Complete ACP!!! Forum Sistema Pages Blogs Calendar Downloads Chat You can now enjoy of a translation with guarantees!!! You have the warranty of our experience doing translations and our experience managing Invision forum for more than 10 years what allows us to know the sense of the phrases to translate. With the support of users / webmasters who collaborate regularly with Invision we will update the package with those errors that can be detected both in the Front-End and in the ACP. Video showing how to install a new language in IPS v4   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sQCaDLn8AI Remember to rename the downloaded file to Español (ESP).xml Support in http://InvisionHispano.com  or in http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/410506-paquete-de-idioma-español-completo/


  8. Hi, I'm having problems translating the key and_x_others with 4.0.1 and also with 4.0.2 I translate, save and it should be done, but it is never done... anybody else?   I want to know before sending a bug to know if it is a global problem (bug) or my problem   I suppose it is this bug http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/400-duplicate-languages-key-and_x_others-r4974/ but it indicates FIXED and it continues happening to me...  
  9. A code or a word to translate

    Thanks Adriano. Finishing the correct translation to spanish of forums and applications and I have some doubts as you have seen here and in another message... when ending spanish I'll start translating to catalan... But would like to do without some applications that I don't need... at least beginning with the most important, Forums... and the rest will come later...  
  10. I have also found an array like the following: "{# queued [1:post][?:posts]} " Is it the word "queued" a code or it has to be translated?   Thanks
  11. Multiple options in traslating tool

    I don't say that's a bug...   I'm just asking if that's possible to do... If that isn't possible to do, and it is needed to open a bug report, I will do... but is it that possible? Is it possible to translate as I'm asking?  
  12. I have found several arrays to translate like the following posts in the last In english "the last" is the same in singular and in plural, but in spanish and other languages not. in singular would be "mensajes en el último" and in plural would be "mensajes en los últimos" Would it be possible to translate in the following way? "mensajes en {!# [1:el último][?:los últimos]}" or this code like {!# [1:post][?:posts]}  can only be added when you directly add in the arrays?     Thanks!  
  13. About language system

    I agree with that suggestions!!!   It would be very useful to have a filter for being able to translate an application... I have some applications, but I have more interest on translating one that another, and with the actual system that's not possible I must translate altogether ... and I would like to translate firs at all the FORUMS application and at this time that's not possible...  
  14. Search manage

    Hi, I would like to know how I can manage the Search... For example here if I want to make a search I go to the space to make the search and then I write what I want to search but I manually must select where do I want to make the search FilesTopicsImagesEvents.....But if I don't indicate anything it makes de Search in "All Content" instead the place where you are in that moment... in v3.4.7 if I'm browsing forums and I make a Search by Default it makes the Search in Forums, but now by default it makes the Search in "All Content"...   How can I change the default to the place where I am in that moment to make the Search ????   Thanks      
  15. Kinda questionable IPB

      Hi,  Perhaps an easy way to arrive to the owner when the licence expire would be sending an email once per week or twice per month or with the choosen option, but I think that would be better...