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  1. Member Map

    Link please? Thank you!
  2. Just a repeat of the quote for this to get answered on the future of PayPal Subscriptions in 4.0. Thanks.
  3. Do you have a work around?  What happens to the functionality if you convert to 4.0 and you have an existing user base with subscriptions via Nexus?  Thank you!
  4. Can someone from IPS answer this?? I logged a tech support ticket and have now had two different techs give two different answers. It seems the team is not synced up on just what the scoop is on PayPal Subscriptions and Commerce 4.0 versus Nexus.
  5. What is a "rest api" exactly?  What is it's purpose?  Thanks.
  6. Just went from the old subscriptions manager plugin to Nexus on 3.4.8 which worked great since the old plugin is not compatible with 4.0.  However, I read somewhere that 4.0 Nexus does not support PayPal subscriptions? Does it support PayPal subscriptions like 3.4.8 Nexus does? This stops me dead in my tracks to upgrade to 4.0 if that is the case. Thanks!
  7. IPS4 Review

    This is NOT good at all and makes zero sense why it happened. Someone at IPS tell me this was a mistake because this is unacceptable and I am now even more leary of upgrading and have been waiting.
  8. Default should be embed and show the video...hitting ENTER should be making it just a link if at all. Also, who the heck wants to just click a link versus seeing the video and hit play?  
  9. Interesting...so I have been waiting on 4.X and am now starting to think about upgrading. Soooo, I come over here and do a test post and copy and past a YouTube URL and guess what...it just posts it as a link.  I did see a FLASH of the screen posting and then it went to a link. I actually posted another post on this in the other forum before seeing this thread. So, if this software is the latest and I came here without bias and it didn't post right then you bet dollars to donuts my users are going to have issues.  It obviously is NOT robust! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ Did it again. It flashed the video for a second and then turned it into just a link.    
  10. Wow, just came back here to look at what's going on with 4.0.  The posting flexibility with content in a post seems to have gone bye bye. There is just BASIC stuff like bolding text. Where do I select the media tag? It seems everything is bare bones now for how you can reply and post?  What did I miss?  I was even thinking it might be smart enough to embed a youtube window into the post by just posting the link. Nope!
  11. Filter Bar

  12. I have had several users ask about this as a future feature of the forum software: Is there any plans or other feedback for such a feature? Thanks!
  13. What do you think of 3.2?

    Upgrading and what they did with the skin will cost people $$ no doubt. Next time maybe they will realize this and not make total skin changes with only a DOT upgrade!! I am not happy about this 3.2 version. It's cost me money.
  14. What do you think of 3.2?

    I agree 100% and please make the 3.1 skin available. This board looks bland and a skin change won't change that much unless it is completely overhauled.
  15. Debate 3.2

    This is simply not true. Now in the new version it costs me more money because the skin has changed yet again! Is the default 3.1.4 skin still going to be available by someone out there?