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  1. Troy Spiral added a post in a topic Suggestion! in the features   

    It doesn't really matter that it is specifically Facebook but that cocoon & comment type social-networking system is not what a "forum" should be, or at least I don't think many of us started forums with that mentality nor will IPB win any battle with that type of service.

    I'm all for cherry picking good ideas and adding them if they work with the forum concept or lead to enhancing it. Login with your Facebook / twitter info? Sure why not , just makes it easier to login. Allow easier integration with the social networks to "advertize" your forum? Sure why not?

    But morphing the whole thing into a cocoon type system is , while perhaps "popular" missing the forum discussion concept.

    I agree with you on the specific point your making here, but forum software is not social networking software per se. Its a different market/idea.

    I do not get the impression from the way the "forum' software is morphing INTO a facebook-like entity, not just "taking some really good / desired" features and integrating them, which at least for many of us is what we want "a discussion forum" not a "Miniature facebook system".

    First half of this quote covers it although I wouldn't quite go as far as to say Facebook-type discussions and forum-type discussions are mutually exclusive (they do share some similarities) but they are very different and "diluting" the forum concept by slowly morphing it into a poor-excuse for Facebook is not the way to go.

    To restate: taking some "good features" that lend to easier promotion / facilitation of forum-style open discussions from facebook and other such places? Absolutely. Try to turn forums INTO such entities is the bad move.
  2. Troy Spiral added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Suggestion! in the features
    Differentiating Forums from "blogs/diaries" needs to stay on point, otherwise, I'm afraid IPB will just become irrelevant. Facebook will win that battle.
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  3. Troy Spiral added a comment on a blog entry Update to the Skin Generator Service   

    Great tool. It is still a bit too limited , PLEASE devote resources to improving this tool. Its great work so far. Just needs some more customization and I'm not talking about anything super fancy. Just the color changing of more specific elements.

    I know this tool won't replace skin designers, but it will (eventually) get us out of the tedium of having to change the color scheme bit by bit , by hand.

    Please keep at it.
  4. Troy Spiral added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Comprehensive 3.0 Features List?
    Is there a "big" list of IPB 3.0 features? All i can find is the beta blog entry (which has some features listed) and then random one-off features listed.

    Also maybe a "goals for 3.0" type list?

    thanks in advance
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